The Importance of Appearing Christian

by Christopher A. Ferrara
Nov. 26, 2008

It should hardly be surprising that since Barack Obama won the Presidential election he “has not attended a church service… and instead has spent time on Sundays working out at a Chicago gym.” (Newsmax, November 24, 2008). Did anyone really take seriously Obama’s claim that he — who refused to criminalize the barbaric practice of leaving the neo-natal victims of botched abortions to die in a utility closet — is a sincere follower of Jesus Christ? Please.

How I longed to see John McCain turn to Obama during one of the Presidential debates and pose this challenge on camera: “Senator Obama, you profess that you are a sincere Christian. Yet when you were a senator in the Illinois state legislature you refused to support legislation that would have made it illegal to allow babies who survive botched abortions to die for lack of treatment. And you further defend the grisly practice of ‘partial birth abortions’ for the so-called ‘health’ of the mother. That’s a procedure where the newborn baby is partially delivered and his or her skull pierced with surgical scissors so that the brain matter can be removed with a suction machine. You also defend abortion on demand throughout the nine months of pregnancy. You are so intent on defending the so-called right to abortion that you oppose even parental notification laws. Can you face the American people tonight and tell them with a straight face that your position on abortion is faithful to the teachings of Jesus?”

But, of course, such questions are deemed “off limits” in American politics because they expose the fraud that underlies the whole political process in this country: the bogus appeal to divinity by a nation whose leaders long ago turned their back on Christ and His Gospel, even if they continue piously to intone the ritual deistic incantation: “God bless America.”

According to Newsmax, one of Obama’s aides offered the excuse that Mr. and Mrs. Obama have ceased attending church services since the election “Because they have a great deal of respect for places of worship, they do not want to draw unwelcome or inappropriate attention to a church not used to the attention their attendance would draw.” Oh baloney. If that were true, then the Obamas would never attend church services again — all the more so after the inauguration — and in fact would never have attended church services anywhere once Mr. Obama’s candidacy was declared. And, as Newsmax notes, President-elect “George W. Bush attended church in the weeks after he was elected, as did President-elect Bill Clinton.” Consider this lame excuse one of the first official lies of the Obama administration.

The truth is this: Obama’s “Christianity” has served its purpose as a prop, but now that Mr. Infanticide has captured the White House he is surely in no hurry to use the prop again. But when he is good and ready, of course, Mr. Obama will add church services to his schedule so that he can continue to mock the name of Jesus by pretending to worship Him. And he will not be the least concerned about “draw[ing] unwelcome or inappropriate attention to a church not used to the attention…” It is, after all, unseemly for an American politician not to affect at least the appearance of having religion. Like the President’s custom-tailored suits, the appearance of being Christian is part of the presidential wardrobe in this hubristic republic, which ludicrously boasts of its “religious freedom” and its “vibrant religiosity” as unborn children die by the millions in their own mothers’ wombs, and a defender of infanticide is about to assume the highest office in the land.