The Consecration of Russia:
Even the Huffington Post Gets It!

by Christopher A. Ferrara
October 11, 2013

In an astonishing development, the left-leaning Huffington Post blog site has published an article by Noel Irwin Hentschel with this almost incredible headline: “Pope and Putin: Seize Opportunity, Heed Directive for World Peace and Good, ‘Consecrate Russia!’”

Irwin Hentschel is not only a Catholic mother of seven, but also a world class entrepreneur who heads the world’s largest privately owned travel agency, has extensive ties to China in connection with her business, and holds a master’s degree in theology from the University of California at Berkeley. Her background suggests that she is no “Fatimite,” but rather a Catholic of decidedly non-traditionalist leanings who nonetheless understands what is at stake in the fulfillment of Our Lady of Fatima’s long-unheeded request.

Irwin Hentschel links the Chinese philosophy of Lao Tzu with the heavenly directive of the Blessed Virgin. “All-under-Heaven,” wrote the Chinese sage, “have a common Beginning. This Beginning is ‘The Mother of the World.’ Having known the Mother, we may proceed to know her children. Having known the children, we should go back and hold onto the Mother….” Irwn Hentschel sees in this proverb a prophetic indication of the need “to take heed and obey the Holy Mother to spawn virtue and harmony for good, confronting the evils of corruption and violence.”

Looking ahead to the consecration of the world to Our Lady which Pope Francis intends to perform in two days from today, she writes: “Mystical political drama and theological intrigue grows as Oct. 13, 2013, approaches and the pope prepares the way for true world peace and unity. Powers of good versus evil prepare for battle. Concerns about weapons of mass destruction, corruption, secularism, materialism and individual freedoms are debated.”

And then she poses questions Father Gruner himself is asking: “Leaving one to ponder, will the pope and President Putin respect the explicit directive ‘Consecrate Russia,’ which began in 1917 from Our Lady of Fatima, the holy woman they both hold as ‘Mother of the World.’ Will Pope Francis unequivocally ‘Consecrate Russia’ to Her Immaculate Heart so the maternal promise of world peace and ultimate good may come to fruition?”

Irwin Hentschel concludes with an observation that mirrors what the Fatima Center has been saying for decades: “Hard to fathom what has taken so many popes so long to listen to and follow the clear instruction of the ‘Mother of the World’ who is also the ‘Mother of the Church.’ Was something lost in translation? Maybe this October 13 with a nod and nudge from President Putin, this Pope will ‘Consecrate Russia’ exactly as requested by their Holy Mother… Then will the era of world transformation emerge, sanctifying graces flow and the perfect peace prize be shared... far greater than a Nobel. Joy to the world as we jointly open our hearts to receive the essential gift of grace, the virtue of charity, and find The Way of Heaven exclaiming: ‘Immaculate Heart of Mary and Holy Spirit, guide us. Amen.’”

Simply amazing. And this in The Huffington Post, of all places. Meanwhile, the false friends of Fatima, in places high and low in the Church, from the Vatican bureaucracy down to the neutralized, Vatican-approved “World Apostolate of Fatima” (once the militant Blue Army) continue their cover-up of what Our Lady really requested. Such is the diabolical orientation that afflicts the Church today. Pray that the Pope overcomes and that he and the world’s bishops follow Our Lady’s “clear instruction” at long last — only two days from today.