Cardinal Bertone’s Ungraceful Exit

by Christopher A. Ferrara
September 27, 2013

At long last the disastrous reign of “Prime Minister” Bertone — the Fatima Fixer — is coming to an end with his replacement by Archbishop Pietro Parolin as Vatican Secretary State, effective October 15.

It is not surprising that this ecclesiastical politician is not going gently into retirement but rather has issued bitter recriminations redolent of losing politicians everywhere. As an article in The Tablet reports, “The Vatican's outgoing Secretary of State has lashed out at… ‘a combination of crows and vipers’” who supposedly undermined his career. That hardly seems appropriate behavior for a Cardinal whose resignation three years beyond the mandatory retirement age was (however belatedly) accepted by Pope Francis in keeping with Church law. Bertone should have had the grace to accept quietly the end of his power-wielding in the Vatican, but in the manner of all politicians he felt compelled to defend his “record,” as if he had been the holder of a political office: “But this should not cloud what I consider to be a positive record,” he declared.

Please! Archbishop Parolin is something of an unknown factor, but could his tenure be anything but an improvement over Bertone’s? Bertone leaves behind a curia riddled with scandal, especially at the corrupt Vatican “bank,” but far worse than this was his corrupt handling of the Message of Fatima.

Throughout his tenure the Fatima Fixer did everything in his power to consign the Fatima event to historical oblivion and to impose upon the Church his (and Cardinal Sodano’s) ridiculous “interpretation” of the vision pertaining to the Third Secret as essentially a depiction of events that all happened in the 20th century. With a straight face he relentlessly promoted the lie that a vision depicting the execution of a Pope by a band of soldiers outside a devastated city filled with corpses signified John Paul II not being killed by a lone assassin in 1981.

At the same time Bertone feigned ignorance of what Our Lady of Fatima had to say following Her fateful words “In Portugal the dogma of the faith will always be preserved” — clearly the beginning of Her explanation of the vision, no doubt contained in a text we have yet to see. We were supposed to believe that Bertone never made inquiry of Sister Lucy concerning what those words mean, even though he himself stated during the June 26, 2000 press conference, at which the vision was published, that it “is difficult to say” whether the mysterious (but telling) reference to Portugal pertains to the Third Secret. Difficult to say? All he had to do was ask the seer. Either he did ask her but did not wish to reveal the answer, or he didn’t ask her because he already knew the answer — and did not wish to reveal it. Either way, the Fatima Fixer spent his entire tenure obfuscating and concealing what Our Lady wanted us to know.

Let us hope and pray that the replacement of Cardinal Bertone signals, not just a true reform of the corrupt Roman Curia, but also a new chapter in the drama that is Fatima — the final chapter, in which the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart brings the saga, at long last, to a glorious conclusion.

For more information, see my book “False Friends of Fatima”.