Not a Parody:
Cardinal Bertone to Publish
Book on EthicsÂ…
in Moscow and in Russian

by Christopher A. Ferrara

My friend and fellow attorney James Bendell has just alerted me to some absolutely bizarre news about Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone. Bertone, in case anyone still doesn’t know, has been the point man for what Antonio Socci and so many other faithful Catholics believe is a cover-up of the words of the Blessed Virgin which undoubtedly explain the vision of the “bishop dressed in white” that Bertone and his collaborators claim is all there is to the Third Secret of Fatima, even though the Vatican commentary on the vision calls it “difficult to decipher.” (Those who are prepared to believe that the Mother of God appointed Cardinal Bertone to interpret a “difficult to decipher” warning to all of mankind should avoid reading e-mails about great business deals in Nigeria, as they are at risk of losing their shirts.)

It seems that Bertone, who assures us that Russia was converted in 1984 and that we must stop seeking its consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, has written a book on ethics that is to be published in Moscow in both Russian and Italian. The book, a project of the Vatican’s publishing house, Libreria Editrice Vaticana, is entitled (I am translating from the Italian) “The Ethics of the Common Good in the Social Thought of the Church,” and is to be unveiled this Friday (September 25, 2008) at Moscow University.

The preface was written by that “renowned authority” on Catholic ethics and social teaching: Metropolitan Kirill, the president of the Department of External Affairs of the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church. The Department of External Affairs has a long history of service as an arm of the Kremlin — first under the Soviets, and now under Vladimir Putin, the neo-Soviet dictator of Russia.

Consider: At the very moment Putin is exercising a neo-Stalinist dictatorship over an abortion-ridden, alcohol-sodden Russia, rattling his nuclear saber at the world, Bertone — that wizard of Vatican diplomacy — is off to Moscow to launch his book on Catholic ethics with a preface written by Putin’s ecclesiastical stooge.

You simply cannot make this stuff up. According to Zenit news, “The Moscow presentation of a book written by Benedict XVI’s secretary of state is being considered a ‘historic event.’” Historical indeed. Historically loony.

The editor of this book, one Pierluca Azzaro, describes it (according to Zenit) as a “manifesto for concrete common action based on a shared principle: Spiritual and material well-being sustain one another or fall together. At the root of conflicts and injustices that run the risk of disintegrating the community is an essentially atheist, materialist and egoistic vision of man.”

In other words, Bertone’s book is the latest addition to a mountain of post-Vatican II blather on how “interreligious dialogue” will save the world. Meanwhile, the means of saving the world that the Mother of God provided at Fatima — the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart and Russia’s consequent miraculous conversion to the Catholic Faith — is consigned to oblivion by the Vatican bureaucracy, as its head, the “prime minister of the Church,” heads to Moscow to expel hot air before a crowd of secularists at a Kremlin-controlled university. And at the same time Bertone is wasting the contributions of the faithful on this ridiculous junket, Putin’s military leaders are threatening war on NATO. God help us all.