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Cardinal Bertone’s Version
of Third Secret Refuted

Fatima Center Applauds Antonio Socci’s Response to
Cardinal Bertone’s Book on Third Secret

May 23, 2007: Fort Erie, Ontario: The Fatima Center, the world’s largest Fatima apostolate promoting the full Message of Fatima, applauds Antonio Socci’s rebuttal to Cardinal Bertone’s new book on the Third Secret.

Antonio Socci, a highly respected journalist and TV anchorman, is head of the prestigious National Italian TV network’s [RAI] school of journalism. He came to the conclusion, after lengthy independent investigation, that the Vatican had not formally released the entire Third Secret. Socci explains that he began his investigation believing the Vatican had released the complete Third Secret on June 26, 2000, but said that he “had to surrender” to the evidence that not all of the Third Secret was revealed.

The fruits of his research were published in the book Il Quarto Segreto di Fatima (The Fourth Secret of Fatima), released in late 2006.

Then on May 10, 2007 just days before the 90th anniversary of the first apparition of Our Lady of Fatima, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican Secretary of State, released L’Ultima Veggente di Fatima (The Last Seer of Fatima), a book-length interview about the alleged three “official” meetings the Cardinal had with Sister Lucy, the last surviving seer of Fatima.

The Cardinal’s book, which is an attempted response to Antonio Socci’s Il Quarto Segreto di Fatima, claims that the charge that the Vatican is hiding some portion of the famous Third Secret of Fatima is not true.

But Cardinal Bertone’s book does not answer the challenges posed by Antonio Socci’s book. Rather, the Cardinal resorts to personal attacks against Socci himself.

“It’s a pattern we see over and over again”, said John Vennari, the first American journalist to publish a review of Antonio Socci’s book. “Rather than address the arguments directly, there are those in the Vatican who unjustly attempt to blacken the good name of those who respectfully challenge the Vatican’s handling of the more controversial aspects of the Fatima Message.”

Mr. Socci’s response to the Cardinal appeared on May 12 in the Milan-based daily Libero, under the title “Socci Destroys Bertone”.

Socci points out that Cardinal Bertone claims Socci has lied, but Bertone, “doesn’t show how and when I lied.”

For example, there is the 1957 testimony of Bishop Venancio of Fatima, who was officially entrusted with the Secret. Bishop Vanancio held the sealed envelope containing the Third Secret up to the light and saw that the Secret is a text of 20 to 25 lines on one single sheet of paper. Whereas the text released by the Vatican comprises 62 lines written on four sheets of paper. To these facts, Bertone gives no answer.

Many other discrepancies publicly raised by Mr. Socci, the Fatima Center, and others are not explained by Cardinal Bertone. The Cardinal, says Socci, “does not even give one answer to the many questions. On the contrary, he raises new problems.”

One such problem is the fact that in 2000, when the Vatican released a portion of the Secret, Bertone had quoted a letter of Sister Lucy in which Bertone himself left out a portion of the letter that would have disproved his thesis. Mr. Socci says that Cardinal Bertone’s new book does not address this issue, but merely repeats the same “modified letter” of Sister Lucy.

Cardinal Bertone’s book contains an introduction by Pope Benedict XVI. Here, says Mr. Socci, the Pope keeps his words as general as possible.

Socci goes on to reveal that he received a complimentary letter from Pope Benedict XVI regarding his own book. In this letter, the Pope thanked Mr. Socci for the “sentiments that suggested its writing.”

Father Nicholas Gruner, Director of the Fatima Center, is a world-renowned expert on Fatima. He has spent 30 years of his priesthood devoted to publishing the Message of Fatima through his journal The Fatima Crusader, as well as through television, radio and the Internet. He notes, “Together with Mr. Socci, we are saddened that Cardinal Bertone has not answered even one of the many objections that we all raised against Cardinal Bertone’s claim that the Third Secret was completely released to the general public on June 26, 2000.”

“But we are glad,” continues Father Gruner, “that now for the first time an official from the Vatican has finally acknowledged that there are serious questions about the Vatican position, even if he chose not to answer them.”

“Now that the mainstream press in Italy can see there are holes in the what the Vatican has presented regarding the Third Secret, we believe that with more prayers and sacrifices, as well as the faithful continuing to respectfully ask for complete, direct, forthright answers, the world will finally get to know the precise, soul-saving words Our Lady of Fatima said after the ‘etc.’. That is, we will learn the full sentence that follows Our Lady’s words, ‘In Portugal, the dogma of the faith will always be preserved, etc.’,” said Father Gruner.

Basing itself on various statements made by Cardinal Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) and other Cardinals and bishops, the Fatima Center has pointed out for more than 20 years that the true contents of the Fatima Secret give the definitive concrete solution to the present grave dangers facing all Catholics since Vatican II.

The Fatima Center has repeatedly called for the release of the whole Third Secret. Since June 26, 2000 the Fatima Center has been in the forefront providing documentation that the full Third Secret is yet to be revealed.

The Fatima Center has provided a summary of Mr. Socci’s forceful response to Cardinal Bertone on the web at

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