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New Miracle for Padre Pio

The Roman newspaper Il Messaggero reported that a study is now underway concerning the scientifically inexplicable cure of a child who claims to have seen Padre Pio in a dream. If this miracle is deemed genuine, it will be the third and final miracle needed for the canonization of Padre Pio, which could take place some time next year.

The reported miracle surrounds an eight-year-old boy from San Giovanni Rotondo, the town where Padre Pio lived for over 50 years.

Matteo Pio (his surname was not given for reasons of privacy) was stricken with meningitis on January 20, 2001. His father, a doctor, placed him immediately in the Home for the Relief of Suffering, the hospital founded by Padre Pio. The boy's case was so severe that the doctor's initial diagnosis left no hope. The boy was going to die.

Twelve days later, however, Matteo woke up in his hospital bed as if nothing had happened. The doctors have not been able to explain this phenomenon. The boy said that while he was in a coma he dreamed of Padre Pio who smiled at him.

The case is now being studied by five doctors of the medical commission of the Vatican Congregation for the causes of Saints. So far, the cure is inexplicable.

If the commission's final judgment is favorable, the case will then be studied by a theological commission, and later, by a commission of cardinals and bishops of the Congregation.

If these two commissions confirm the direct relationship between the cure and Padre Pio, then the miracle will be declared worthy of being used for the canonization of Padre Pio.

The postulator of the cause of Padre Pio's canonization has received two other cases of seemingly miraculous cures that could be presented to request his canonization.

The first concerns Giorgio Rinzivilo, 22, from Modica, Italy, who came out of what seemed an irreversible coma, suffered as the result of an April, 1999 traffic accident.

The second is the case of Antonio Trabucco, a retired gentleman residing in Naples. He was cured from partial paralysis in June, 1999.

Blessed Padre Pio lived from 1887 to 1968. He was renowned for his many miracles, his legendary fights with the devil, his being at two places at one time (bilocation), and his ability to predict the future.

He also had the gift of reading souls in the confessional, and to tell the penitents accurately the secret sins they had failed to confess.

For 50 years, Padre Pio bore the mystical stigmata, the bleeding wounds of Christ, on his hands, feet and side. He offered this suffering for the salvation of souls. During the holy friar's lifetime, thousands of Catholics flocked from all over the world to attend his Mass and receive from him the Sacrament of Confession.

Padre Pio was beatified at the Vatican on May 2, 1999. The event was attended by an estimated 200,000 people and was called "the most popular beatification in history".

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