Blasphemy Day to be Held in Washington, D.C.

by Edwin Faust
September 30, 2009

Today has been declared International Blasphemy Day by an organization called the Center For Inquiry DC. Those who deny or doubt the existence of God are invited to express their disbelief in a variety of media, including painting, poetry, sculpture, speechmaking and any other form that gives expression to atheism, agnosticism or hostility toward religion.

Justin Trottier, the Toronto coordinator of Blasphemy Day and executive director of the Ontario chapter of the Center For Inquiry, has told interviewers that his group does not seek to offend anyone, but qualified his remark by stating, “There is no human right not to be offended.”

There is no concern, of course, for the Divine right not to be offended. The Catholic Church, whose doctrine and Sacred imagery are certain to be primary targets at the event, holds blasphemy to be the gravest of sins, far worse than murder, for in unjustly killing someone, we deprive a human being of life, but in blasphemy, we deny honor to our Creator. In effect, the blasphemer rejects his status as a creature. In insulting God, he exalts himself above God, for we only insult someone we consider to be inferior to us.

Our Lady of Fatima asked us to make reparations for blasphemers and for those who offend Her Immaculate Heart. Today, we have a singular opportunity to do as Mary asks. Let us pray and make sacrifices today, bearing in mind the horrible things that will be said and displayed in public near the precincts of the Capitol building. And let those who think talk of chastisements for sin mere alarmist rhetoric, think again.

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