Antichrist in Action

Pro-Abortion Protestors Desecrate
Chilean Cathedral

by John Vennari
July 30, 2013

Abortion activists raided a Mass at the cathedral of the Chilean capital in Santiago on July 25. They destroyed confessionals; hauled pews all the way to the Plaza de Armas square in front of the cathedral; smashed ornaments and defaced side altars with blasphemous graffiti.

“We were celebrating the feast of St. James the Apostle with the mayor in attendance… when the protestors suddenly came in,” said Bishop Pedro Ossandon Buljevic, an auxiliary bishop of the Santiago de Chile archdiocese.

The activists unexpectedly stormed into the cathedral at the conclusion of a pro-abortion march. The damage would have been worse were it not for riot police who quelled the vandalism.

Abortion is still illegal in Chile, including in case of rape.

Pro-abortion forces were recently enraged when President Sebastian Pinera praised an 11-year-old for her “depth of maturity” after she said in a TV interview that she wants to give birth to the baby conceived when she was raped by her mother’s boyfriend.

Though other pro-abortion activists condemned the attack on the cathedral, the assault shows the true anti-Christ nature of abortion itself. All talk of “women’s rights” in this regard is a charade. Abortion is the direct killing of an unborn baby — the butchering of the most innocent and helpless. It is diabolic.

Abortion activists recognize Christ’s true Church as the main enemy to their satanic aims, and assailed the cathedral in a hellish rage of destruction and blasphemous graffiti.

The attack coincided with the recent fight in Texas to limit abortions that took place in early July. Pro-abortion women held vile and blasphemous signs as some of them chanted “Hail satan”.

The real enemy of the abortion movement is God Himself; the true leader of the abortion movement is the devil, who is a “liar and a murderer from the beginning”. Those who promote and defend abortion are cooperators with the demonic.

Another sad aspect of this event is the way in which it was reported by news outlets.

Catholic News Agency actually ran the same headline as the Associated Press: “Abortion Rights Activists Vandalize Cathedral in Chile”.

The term “abortion rights” is a pollution of the language and should never be used, especially by Catholic publications.

There is no such thing as “abortion rights”. No one has the “right” to abortion, since no one has the right to commit an intrinsically evil act.

For example, no one has the “right” to savagely beat his mother. No one has the “right” to torture babies for fun. No one has the “right” to intentionally blind himself. Error and evil have no rights.

In contemporary language, however, a “right” is falsely understood to be the license to do whatever a person wants to do, simply because he wants to do it.

Yet the true definition of a “right” is a “moral power to fulfill our obligations”.

If a person has an obligation to do something, he then has the right to carry out that obligation.

Parents have the obligation to raise their children, and this is what gives them rights over their children, especially in regard to their education.

Thus, “rights” are not simply an entitlement, nor are they based on human will: “I want something; therefore I have the right to it.”

Rather, “rights” are based on the natural moral law, on human nature adequately understood, on the Divine law, and they exist so that we can fulfill legitimate obligations.

Using the term “abortion rights activists,” even when reporting on the blasphemous attack on a Catholic cathedral, gives the impression that abortion supporters still operate for a noble cause, for the sake of human rights.

Catholics must not be taken in by this subversion of language. We should never use the media term “abortion rights,” which cloaks a heinous crime in an aura of respectability.

Rather, we must always spotlight the demonic nature of abortion, as is especially evident in the July 25 attack on the Chilean cathedral.

Finally, let us remember we are not powerless. Even if we could not prevent the attack on the Chilean cathedral, which was ultimately aimed at Our Lord Himself, we can still offer prayers of reparation.

For starters, remembering that reparation is a key request of the Fatima Message, we can say often the beautiful prayer of reparation taught to the children by the Angel of Fatima:

“Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, I offer Thee the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the sacrileges, outrages and indifference by which He Himself is offended. And through the infinite merits of His most Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg of Thee the conversion of poor sinners.”

Holy Blessed Mother, who is destined to crush the head of the serpent, pray for us and protect us.

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