An Anniversary
That Could Have Been

by Edwin Faust
March 25, 2010

March 25 is the Feast of the Annunciation. It is the feast day chosen by Pope John Paul II to consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1984.

When Mary was told that She was to conceive by the Holy Ghost, She replied, “Let it be done unto me according to Thy word.” This was the glorious fiat, the moment when God became man in the womb of the Virgin. It was the beginning of our redemption from the great refusal in the Garden of Eden. It was the “Yes” to God that was to free us from sin.

Would that the Holy Father on this day 26 years ago had said “Yes” to the Mother of God and consecrated Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. Would that the bishops had joined him. What an anniversary, what a celebration of the Annunciation that would have been.

But the fiat was denied and a ‘non serviam’ offered in its place. The Holy Father said after the fact that he had done all he could in the “concrete circumstances.” What could this mean but that he had failed to do what he was asked by Mary? And what circumstances could prove more powerful or persuasive than the prophecies and promises of the Blessed Mother?

Our Lady of Fatima never asked for the consecration of the world. She asked for the consecration of Russia. The pope did not name Russia, nor did the bishops join him in his consecration of the world. Yet, there are those who would like to forget Our Lady’s request; to shrug it off with the complacent sentiment that all that could have been done has been done.

But nothing has been done according to Her word. Our Lady gave Her fiat to God. When will the Church give its fiat to its queen?

Our Lady said that if Russia were consecrated according to Her word, that nation would be converted and a period of peace granted to the world. Who can pretend that we have witnessed these things? Yet, incredibly, one might say insanely, there are those who do. And many such apologists for the absurd occupy high places in our Church. They treat our only help — the Message of Fatima — as their direst enemy.

They want Fatima to go away. But it will not go away. We will not be spared further war and persecution of apostasy until the Church gives its fiat to Our Lady.

Let us hope and pray that another year will not pass in which the joy of the Annunciation must be marred by the sorrow of the Church’s failure to obey Our Lady.

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