The Annihilation of Nations

by Joanna Swords
March 13, 2017

Anyone who knows something about Fatima generally has heard the dire warning given by Our Lady, of what would happen if Her requests were not heeded. The final punishment that would incur is the annihilation of nations.

Many assume this annihilation will be literal — that is, whole nations being wiped off the face of the earth — and they are likely correct. However, some Fatima experts, including Father Gruner, spoke of a second form that this annihilation Our Lady spoke of could also take — that is, a spiritual annihilation.

A spiritual annihilation would be whole nations losing the Faith — the only true Faith — the Catholic Faith. We have often heard that all of the punishments Our Lady prophesied have taken place except this final one, the annihilation of nations. And we at The Fatima Center have often spoken of the need to heed Our Lady's requests before this horrible punishment takes place.

That reference, by default, has to be referring to the physical annihilation because the spiritual one is already well underway. We recently visited one country that fell victim to the spiritual annihilation centuries ago — a sort of precursor to what was to come — Sweden. As you may recall, the Pope went there this past October to "commemorate" the very monster responsible for the spiritual annihilation of that country and the loss of so many souls.

Today, March 13th, I believe the spiritual annihilation of some so-called Catholic nations is well underway and we witnessed this today. While the heretical Anglicans were inside the very heart of Catholicism — St. Peter's Basilica — our small group of traditional Catholics were making reparation by having a procession with the Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima statue while praying the Rosary.

While the Anglicans were greeted with open arms by the Pope, we were confronted with the stern unwelcoming faces of the Italian police, and stopped after entering St. Peter's Square with the beautiful statue of Our Lady of Fatima while praying the Rosary.

We were asked where the permission was granted for us to have this procession — never mind that it is Heaven that grants this permission; that means nothing to them. The attitude and posture of the police was not only unfriendly, but one of the two police officers was gearing up for a process that could have resulted in sending our small group to jail. She was on the phone with her superior and it didn't bode well.

Fortunately, Our Lady intervened because while the officer was on the phone with her supervisor, she was interrupted by a man who came from out of nowhere and approached the officer with what seemed to be an urgent problem in another location in the (St. Peter's) square.

And though she seemed determined to follow through with her reporting us to her supervisor, the man who interrupted was not taking "no" for an answer. He basically took hold of her arm and started leading her away from what she was doing, whether she wanted to be led away or not.

Thus, while the attention of the officers was distracted we continued with our procession, moving out of Saint Peter's Square — where the beautiful image of Our Lady was not welcome, nor were those who were processing with the statue.

Think about it — here we were, a group of Catholics doing something that Catholics are supposed to do, in a country that is supposed to be Catholic and is supposed to welcome such Catholic forms of worship — and even more, what is supposed to be the very heart of Catholicism.

While a group of one of the enemies of Christ is welcomed with open arms into the very heart of the Church by the head of the Church — to do false and worthless "worship" — the true Catholic group is stopped, faced with the possibility of being sent to jail, and definitely not invited into the basilica — at least not while praying the Rosary and carrying a statue of the Mother of God.

Interestingly, we were treated much better this past October in the already apostate country of Sweden. Though we were warned ahead of time of how unwelcome we would be and how risky it would be to attempt having a procession in Sweden — in the end, we were greeted not with stern unwelcoming faces of the Swedish police, but instead were treated with courtesy and even given a police escort for the greater majority of the procession — albeit for our protection, but nonetheless treated with courtesy and without feeling threatened by them.

The annihilation of nations is already here — at least the spiritual annihilation — and it is probably at least 50 percent complete — though this may be a low estimate; it could be much higher.

May Our Lady's Triumph come soon!