Father Gruner and Christopher Ferrara at
Vatican Press Office — Saturday, March 9

Interviews, Buzz and Media Men

by John Vennari
Rome: March 11, 2013

There are so many journalists now in Rome for the Conclave that we witness journalists interviewing other journalists.

This morning I did a three-minute spot for Father Gruner’s Fatima TV that will be broadcast on their Italian TV station. Chris Ferrara also did his own three-minute segment. This took place outdoors on the rim of Saint Peter’s Square.

While the filming took place, I saw another journalist inching closer, clearly intrigued by what we said.

The journalist was from Channel 7 in Australia, who proceeded to interview Chris Ferrara and me about the Conclave, our thoughts on the next Pope and related topics. The Australian anchorman got a kick out of my comment, “I think the Italians want their Vatican back.”

Standing in the wings watching the Channel 7 operation was a representative from Russian television, who immediately interviewed me on the upcoming Conclave.

This is encouraging since Chris Ferrara and I do not give the standard journalist spin on the event, but frame everything we say by the traditional Catholic Faith of the centuries. This message is now broadcast by means of these interviews, via secular media outlets. We pray it does some good.

For example, when Russia TV asked if I thought it time for a Third World Pope, I responded that where the next Pope comes from should be irrelevant.

The main duty of the Pope, I told him, is not to be a world traveler or a facilitator of dialogue, but to teach the Catholic Faith, as Vatican I decreed, “in the same meaning and in the same explanation” as the Church always taught; to guard the flock from religious and philosophical errors, and to discipline those who call themselves Catholic teachers but depart from true Catholic doctrine.

This is the first obligation of the Pope. It does not matter whether he is from Italy, Australia, Brazil or Africa. Whoever can best fulfill this criterion, to teach the faith and govern the faithful, according to the traditional teaching and practice of the centuries, is the one who should be chosen Supreme Pontiff. All other considerations are either secondary or not important.

Because of the brevity of the interviews, I did not have time to discuss the thorny question: given the present state of the Church, do we have a single Cardinal in the Conclave who truly meets this criterion?

Then while in the Vatican press room, standing at the coffee machine no less, a reporter from Vatican Radio engaged me in an audio interview. I then directed the reporter to Chris Ferrara whom she also questioned and recorded.

I don’t know if any of these interviews will end up on line. If they do, I may link them to our website.

Meanwhile, a Vatican press briefing is scheduled for 1:00 this afternoon. It will probably treat of more house-keeping details regarding the Conclave and its aftermath.

As I finish this update, Chris Ferrara is being interviewed by La Repubblica.

Stay tuned.

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