Pro-Homosexual Father Timothy
Radcliffe Featured Speaker at 51st
International Eucharist Congress

Event Features Other Questionable Clerics

by John Vennari
January 15, 2015

Pro-homosexual Father Timothy Radcliffe is a featured speaker at the 51st International Eucharistic Congress in the Philippines, that spans from January 20 through 31.

Other questionable clerics and prelates speaking at the conference include:

• Father Thomas “There must be an end of exclusionary language” Rosica;

• Father Piero “protégé of Annibale Bugnini” Marini;

• Cardinal Peter “Climate Change” Turkson;

• Cardinal Oswald Gracias, on record saying publicly to homosexuals “the Church embraces you, wants you, and the Church needs you.”

• Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who applauded the “coming out” of homosexual football player Michael Sam, saying, “Bravo! … I would have no sense of judgment on him … God bless ya.”

In this initial report, we will quickly focus on Father Timothy Radcliffe, who is scheduled to give a lecture at the Congress titled, “The Christian Virtue of Hope.”

Father Radcliffe is particularly notorious as on record promoting so-called “gay sexuality” in the Church for decades. Radcliffe wrote: “[gay] sexuality can be generous, vulnerable, tender, mutual and non-violent. So in many ways, I would think that it can be expressive of Christ’s self-gift. We can also see how it can be expressive of mutual fidelity, a covenantal relationship in which two people bind themselves for ever.”

Radcliffe also opposed so-called “gay marriage,” not for Catholic reasons, but because it “demeans gay people by forcing them to conform to a straight world.”

Radcliffe’s support for homosexuality is blatant in statements such as “We must accompany [gay people] as they discern what this means, letting our images be stretched open … This means watching Brokeback Mountain, reading gay novels, living with our gay friends as they listen to the Lord.”

Father Radcliffe has been a scandal for years (see below). Even the progressivist Crux News referred to him as a “controversial” figure.

There is a blatant contrast between the honorable treatment today’s churchmen give to a cleric like Radcliffe who propounds perverse doctrine, while they simultaneously persecuted Father Nicholas Gruner, who in doctrine, morality and practice was faithful to what the Holy Catholic Church taught and practiced for 2000 years.

Why are men like Father Timothy Radcliffe invited to speak at the International Eucharistic Congress? Feel free to contact the Eucharistic Congress with this question.

Indeed, the diabolic disorientation of the upper hierarchy, warned of by Sister Lucia of Fatima, becomes even more blatant under today’s modernist leadership.

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