Vatican Says Archbishop Milingo has Returned
to the Church

Special to the Fatima Network

Zambian Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo has decided to leave his "wife" and return to the fold of the Roman Catholic Church, the Vatican announced on August 14.

"I once again, at this time, dedicate my life to the Catholic church with all my heart, I renounce my life with Maria Sung and my links with Reverend Moon," Milingo said in a letter sent to Pope John Paul II.

According to Agence France Presse, the letter was dated August 11, but was only made public on August 14 by the Holy See.

Meanwhile, Maria Sung has begun a hunger strike, vowing to starve herself to death unless she sees her "husband".

Milingo came under the threat of excommunication after he "married" 43-year-old Maria Sung, a South Korean woman, in a mass wedding conducted by Sun Myung Moon on May 27.

In July, the Vatican told the Archbishop that he would be excommunicated on August 20 unless he agreed to:

(a) Leave Maria Sung, (b) sever all links with the sect, Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, (c) declare publicly his fidelity to the doctrine and ecclesiastical discipline of celibacy and to manifest his obedience to the Supreme Pontiff by a clear and unequivocal act."

On August 6, Milingo met with the Pope at Castel Gondalfo. After this meeting, the Vatican lifted the threat of excommunication against the Zambian prelate.

The Archbishop has not been seen in public since August 8. Maria Sung accuses the Vatican of holding Milingo against his will. The Vatican responds that the Archbishop is on retreat "for a period of reflection and prayer."

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