“Period of Peace” Update

Venezuela to host Russia Navy
Exercise in Caribbean

Set for Nov. 10-14 this year

Compiled by John Vennari

Russia will carry out joint naval maneuvers in the Americas with Venezuela, the Venezuelan navy said on September 6. It is a military first, certain to raise eyebrows in the United States.

Agence France Presse (AFP) reported on Sept 6, “Four Russian ships with almost 1,000 sailors aboard will carry out joint maneuvers with the navy of Caracas’ leftist government in Venezuelan territorial waters November 10-14, the navy said in a statement.”

“This is of great importance because it is the first time it is being done” in the Americas, Venezuela’s navy Joint Chiefs Strategic Intelligence director, Rear Admiral Salbatore Cammarata Bastidas, said in a statement obtained by AFP.

President Hugo Chavez, the leftist president of Venezuela, is a harsh critic of the US government.

Chavez, who has forged closer ties with Moscow including arms supply and production deals, is proud to claim a “strategic alliance” with Moscow. Chavez, who has supported Moscow in the Georgia conflict, stresses that “Russia is rising up again as a global power.”

Cammarata Bastidas said the joint maneuvers also would include Venezuela’s air force and submarines.

On the same topic, a Sept. 6 Reuters report noted that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has said in recent weeks that Russian ships and planes are welcome to visit the South American country.

“If the Russian long-distance planes that fly around the world need to land at some Venezuelan landing strip, they are welcome, we have no problems,” he said on his weekly television show in early September.

Chavez, who buys billions of dollars of weapons from Russia, has criticized this year’s reactivation of the U.S. Navy’s Fourth Fleet, which will patrol Latin America for the first time in over 50 years.

According to Reuters, the socialist Chavez says he fears the United States will invade oil-rich Venezuela and he supports Russia’s growing geopolitical presence as a counterbalance to U.S. power.

Chavez has bought fighter jets and submarines from Russia to retool Venezuela’s aging weapons and says he is also interested in a missile defense system.

Agence France Press reports that Vice President Dick Cheney, while traveling in Italy, reminded the West of its “responsibilities” and criticized Russia for its “chain of aggressive moves.” AFP called this the “US administration”s most hawkish remarks since Russia’s five-day war with Georgia last month.”

Cheney’s strong words came hours after Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned that Moscow was a “force to be reckoned with”. Medvedev accused the United States of rearming Georgia under the guise of humanitarian aid, after the recent arrival of the US Navy’s Mediterranean flagship at a key Georgian port close to where Russian troops are patrolling.

“I wonder how they would like it if we sent humanitarian assistance using our navy to countries of the Caribbean that have suffered from the recent hurricanes,” Medvedev said.

AFP notes that tensions between the United States and Russia have “soared to heights unseen since the Cold War.”


In June of 2000, we read the absurd statement in the Vatican document “The Message of Fatima” that “any further discussion or request [for the Consecration of Russia] is without basis”.

Cardinal Bertone repeated this insanity in his recently-released book The Last Secret of Fatima in which he reiterates the claim that the Consecration requested by Our Lady of Fatima has been accomplished.

Yet since Pope John Paul II’s 1984 consecration of the world (not Russia), there has been no conversion of Russia to the Catholic Faith and no period of peace.

The gathering storm clouds of war should make it clear that the need for the Pope in union with the world’s bishops to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is greater than ever.

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