Residents of Ontario, Canada Beware!

by Joanna Swords

Residents of the Province of Ontario should be aware that it was reported in the September 12, 2008 edition of The Fort Erie Post / Niagara This Week, that Niagara Centre MPP Peter Kormos is pushing to change Ontario’s organ donation laws. “Kormos has been pushing for existing legislation to be changed to what’s known as ‘presumed consent’, in which doctors will assume someone dying will want their organs to be donated unless they specify they don’t want them donated”.

Please don’t be fooled into thinking that organ donation is a good thing. In order to take someone’s organs (unless it is a healthy person donating one of his two healthy kidneys to a family member) you have to prematurely end that person’s life. That is, you have to kill the person donating his organs. Plain and simple, that is murder and it is playing God.

Without getting into too much detail, the term frequently used by doctors and health care workers for taking organs donated is “harvesting organs”. Most of us think of the term harvest with regard to crops grown on a farm and ready to be picked or reaped to take to market.

Just as the farmer hopes to make money from the sale of his crops, likewise, “harvesting organs” from human beings is a big money-making business. Based on this information, I will leave you to form your own conclusions. Generally speaking, when there is big money to be made, many processes are accelerated to make it happen quickly.

Please fight against such laws as MPP Kormos is proposing. Write to your MPP and tell him you don’t want this law. If this law passes, to protect yourself you must make it very clear in a legally-witnessed document that you do not wish to donate your organs.

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