The Diabolical Disorientation
in the Secular World — “Health Care”

by Joanna Swords
Aug. 12, 2008

Joanna Swords has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. After working as a Registered Nurse for nearly 23 years, she left her nursing career and shortly after came to work for The Fatima Center.

I want to preface this article, and similar articles to follow, God willing, by saying that I believe that the majority of doctors and nurses enter the health care profession with the true intention and desire of helping the sick; and I further affirm there are still many good doctors and nurses. However, what follows must be said because something has gone very wrong. And I believe it is necessary to warn others that from now until Our Lady’s Triumph, we must be on guard and be very careful in overseeing our own health care. We must not place ourselves completely in the hands of health care providers but must be aware that we should be in control of our own health care and make the final decisions for ourselves so long as we are in a state to do so. (In the next segment will be precautions to take in order to help protect yourself in case you lose your ability to make decisions for yourself.) Certainly seek the advice of doctors but don’t make the mistake of thinking that the doctor knows what is best for you and accept his advice or suggestions for treatment without question. After Our Lady’s Triumph, this diabolical set of circumstances will be resolved.

Many of us tend to think of the diabolical disorientation spoken of by Sister Lucy (one of the three seers of the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima) mainly in regard to the Catholic Church and the spiritual realm. But as the Church goes, so goes the world — and logically so. God’s ways are perfect. The one true Church of God is the Catholic Church established by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Catholicism as established by Our Lord is a way of life. God’s ways are right-thinking and His laws are perfect. But the more a person strays from Truth, that is, from the Catholic Faith, the more skewed his thinking may become. Mind you, his thinking may be just as the world wants him to think, but generally the way the world thinks is completely different from God’s ways, and often anti-God.

So when a person who calls himself a Catholic, says “I’m pro-choice, I believe a person has the right to choose” (to murder their child) — that is a person who has not only strayed far away from the Catholic Faith, but also from the natural law.

What does this have to do with the diabolical disorientation and health care? Everything. It is this skewed thinking that is driving the health care system. The same professionals — that is doctors and nurses — that are supposed to help save lives are also taking lives — by the hundreds of thousands — through abortion, birth control, euthanasia, starvation of patients “for their own good”, donor organ harvesting, etc.

A lot of the same people that many trust to help keep them alive and well are — and have been for decades, in the case of abortion — taking lives under the guise of “this is for the best”. Many doctors and nurses really believe that doing these things is giving good health care and that they are doing the best for their patients. And you can be sure satan agrees with them. After all, it’s his vile agenda.

Doctors and nurses frequently use fancy terminology such as “quality of life” and “death with dignity” to justify the form of murder called euthanasia. They replace the word abortion with terminology such as elective termination of pregnancy (EPT). This diabolical disorientation, this skewed way of thinking has penetrated the health care system in North America and around the world. It is one of the errors of Communist Russia that Our Lady of Fatima warned about. Remember Our Lady said, “If My requests are not heeded, Russia will spread Her errors throughout the world”.

So-called legalized murder (abortion) began is Russia. Once a group of people, or a country, accepts such a practice, it begins to infect everything. It grows and spreads like a cancer out of control. That is why today, after decades in a country where abortions are routinely performed, some health care professionals fail to see the problem with other forms of murder, but of course they don’t think of it as murder.

Because of this we no longer have the assurance that when we enter a hospital or other health care institution that our lives will indeed be preserved or that our best interests will be looked after but, rather, that our interests will be looked after if the views of those providing the health care are in agreement with our views and beliefs.

It is a real conflict for a true Catholic who believes in the sanctity of life and that it should be preserved at all costs. Here is an example of what I am talking about. A good friend told this story about his daughter:

“Our daughter Joan was a beautiful tall, blonde hair and blue-eyed young woman, and the mother of three small children. When she was a yound child she was always a bit clumsy and didn’t walk until she was eighteen months old. She was five before she could do a somersault and we just thought she was a slow developer and not athletic at all.

“After her marriage and her second pregnancy she had a grand mal seizure. Tests revealed she had what is called an arterial venous malformation, which in layman’s terms is a malformation of the blood vessels in her brain. She had this from birth, and it affected her balance, hence her ‘clumsiness’. Doctors warned her that she should not have any other children but after she became pregnant with her third child she again had problems with seizures and some loss of control of her legs. This was due to the pressure buildup in her brain. She consulted local physicians who told her that she might live a short time or perhaps 20 years but one day the blood vessels would burst and she would die instantly. She delivered her baby by caesarean section but still had problems with balance, numbness and short term memory loss.

“Naturally she wanted other opinions and sought a doctor from Canada who had a reputation for being one of the best brain surgeons in North America. He felt confident that he could correct her problem. Her husband was not so sure and he wanted to investigate more before she had the operation. She was scheduled to be operated on a Monday. Her husband, her mom and I were going to drive to the city where the operation was to take place but instead they pushed the operation back to the Friday before the Monday and went ahead. The doctor called me on the Friday afternoon to tell me that he had experienced some difficulty in that the veins were a tangled mess and more of a problem than he expected. A short time later he phoned again to let me know she was experiencing a ‘bleed’. He explained that transfused blood does not coagulate like your own and they had used so much blood that they could not stop the bleeding. He could do little to help her and her brain would swell causing her to become ‘brain dead’.

“Her husband rented a private jet and he, her mom and I flew to that city. She was being kept alive by machine. Several conversations with the doctor followed. The last one was the most alarming. I asked him why he could not have saved her life? He said, ‘I could have saved her but by that time (during the operation) I had penetrated her brain so far that she probably would have lost her ability to speak and she would have been in a wheelchair the rest of her life. Let’s face it,’ he said, ‘the only difference between us and the ape is our ability to speak.’

“I told him if I had any idea he was the type of man he now showed, he would have never touched my daughter. In effect, he decided her ‘quality of life’ was not worth living — reminiscent of doctors in Nazi Germany.”

As my friend, a staunch Catholic, noted at the end — it is “reminiscent of doctors in Nazi Germany”, except that this is right here in North America and at this very time. The doctor stopped her surgery because he had made the decision that it was better she be dead than end up in a wheelchair and possibly not be able to speak. The “doctor” did not even consult the family before stopping the surgery. He just made the decision himself, leaving three small children without a mother.

You are likely as outraged as I was when my friend first told me about what had happened to his daughter. The doctor’s admission without apology and a seeming lack of conscience regarding his decision, not to mention his comparison of humans to apes, demonstrates just how skewed and ingrained this way of thinking is, at least with some doctors and health care workers.

Based on this doctor’s statement that the only difference between apes and humans is speech, maybe we should start having the local zoo provide apes to replace him and other doctors who believe the same as he does. An ape would surely be less likely to kill so easily, cost a lot less, and my even display more evidence of having a conscience.

Plain and simple — this is murder. the doctor had an obligation to do all he could for his patient and he decided that death was the better alternative. With such blatant anti-God decisions being made perhaps today the initials after a doctor’s name should be changed from M.D. to “007” — i.e. license to kill.

If a person who is not a health care provider decided to perform an abortion on someone requesting it and gets caught, that person will quite likely be incarcerated and charged with criminal charges for doing the same thing many doctors do. And the reason? I can think of at least two: 1. Some “poor doctor” is being deprived of revenue; 2. The person performing the murder might cause harm to the pregnant woman, since he has not been properly trained in how to murder an infant in the womb and has not paid for his license to do so.

How did we get to this point? Doctors used to take an oath to preserve life; their motto was “above all do no harm”. To my way of thinking this means preserve life at all costs. But that is not the way that some, and perhaps many, in the field of health care think today.

Understand that there are still many doctors and nurses practicing that will have nothing to do with abortion, or euthanasia, etc. One problem is unless you know your doctor well and are truly aware of his beliefs, you won’t know who to trust.

And in the case of being admitted into the hospital, even if you are certain you and your doctor have the same beliefs, other doctors whom your doctor may need to refer you to, that is, the specialists, as well as the nurses caring for you, may not be of the same mind set.

In coming articles I hope to advise on various forms of abuse occurring, on circumstances to be aware of, provide you with suggestions on what to look out for, and some ways to protect yourself and your loved ones if you become ill and need to seek treatment, as well as some alternative choices you may want to look into.

But for starters, if any of your doctors perform abortions, or sterilizations, or believe in euthanasia, or organ donation, or think that starving a person who is very ill (with cancer, etc.) or in a coma is okay — you might want to consider (to say the least) starting to look for another doctor if possible, and as soon as possible, because your doctor has the ST problem — i.e. SKEWED THINKING. If your doctor does abortions or believes in euthanasia, there should be no question that you find another one who does not, there are plenty who don’t — thank God.

And if, and until, you are able to find another one without the ST problem, or should you decide it is too much work looking for another one, be on your guard and don’t hesitate to question every prescription your doctor wants to give you, and treatment or test he wants you to have. This is recommended even if you already have, or find, a doctor without the ST problem — remember we are living in the time of diabolical disorientation.

One suggestion when looking for a doctor who believes in the sanctity of life is to find one affiliated with a Catholic hospital. Catholic hospitals are less likely to do abortions. Once you have an institution that is allowing that crime to be committed within its walls so it can make money, it is just a hop-skip to all the other forms of diabolical disorientation mentioned above.

To find another doctor without the ST problem may be difficult, but start by talking to your (like-minded) friends who believe in the sanctity of life and find out who their docto(s) is (are), and if that doesn’t bear fruit, then take out the phone book and start searching for another physician in the yellow pages — it will require phoning and asking questions about their practices and beliefs.

The opinions expressed by the various writers on the Fatima Network do not necessarily always reflect those of the Fatima Center.

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