Blessed Be God in the Highest


by Tad Szule

Many naive souls were taken in by the "feel-good" rhetoric that arose after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the break-up of the former Soviet Union and believed that we were on the verge of the lasting peace promised by the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima. As this excerpt from an article by Tad Szule that appeared in The Los Angeles Times shows, we are actually living in an era that is MORE dangerous, not less. If there were ever a time that required Heaven's intervention, that time is clearly NOW!

"It is a cliché that things were simpler and safer in the days of the Cold War. Today's world, by contrast, is a free-for-all environment, which multiplies the dangers for all.

Events in May [1998] illustrate the crisis facing the world.

India's nuclear tests upset the Asian strategic equation. The Middle East peace process seems perilously close to collapse. Ethnic warfare erupted between Serbs and Albanian nationalists in Kosovo. The six-year-old Bosnian dispute remains wholly unresolved. Greece and Turkey engaged in warlike rhetoric over Cyprus. Ethiopia and Eritrea massed armies for war.

Iraq's program to develop weapons of mass destruction still menaces, but efforts to block it are on the back burner. North Korea, which halted its nuclear weapons program in one of the Clinton administration's most notable achievements, threatens to renege on the accord. Haiti is on the verge of sliding back into chaos.

Azerbaijan and Armenia again are talking war over a contested ethnic enclave. Central Africa, from former Zaire to the slaughterhouse of Rwanda, remains in turmoil."

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