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China to Test Mobile Ballistic Missile Capable of Striking Western U.S.A.

by John Vennari

Our Lady came to Fatima specifically to bring peace to a world torn asunder by war and violence. She warned us that, unless Her requests were granted (especially for the Consecration of Russia), God would further chastise the world through even greater wars and that “many nations will be annihilated”. In this startling article, Catholic Family News editor, John Vennari, shows that, despite the “feel good” rhetoric of those who would have us believe that the Message of Fatima is no longer relevant, nuclear war remains a constant threat to our lives and those of our families.

The November 12, 1998 edition of the Washington Times reported that in December of this year, China is set to conduct the first flight test of a new mobile intercontinental ballistic missile that can reach the western United States.

Bill Gertz, writing in the Times said that “The new missile will use solid fuel, which makes it capable of being launched within minutes. It also will be equipped with a ‘second-generation’ thermonuclear warhead with a yield of about 500 kilotons, or 500,000 tons of TNT”.

The DF-31 is the first Chinese ICBM capable of being moved on roads. Only Russia operates road-mobile long-range missiles, the SS-25’s which are extremely effective strategic weapons because they can be moved easily and quickly.

The article further stated that besides the DF-31 (with a range of 5,000 miles), China is building a missile with a range of up to 8,000 miles that is known as the DF-41. It also is working on conventional and nuclear cruise missiles.

“In July”, Gertz reported, “China first test-fired the DF-31’s rocket motor while President Clinton was in China on an official visit. Intelligence reports about that test were sent to Secretary of State Madeline Albright, who was traveling with the president. The timing of the test was viewed by U.S. intelligence as a political signal toward the United States.”

A CIA report from earlier this year said 13 of China’s 18 long-range missiles were targeted on the United States. Gertz pointed out that “the report contradicted Mr. Clinton’s often-used phrase there are no nuclear missiles aimed at the United States”.

A report from the Air Force’s National Air Intelligence Center in Ohio said that the DF-31 “will give China a major strike capability that will be difficult to counterattack at any stage of its operation, from pre-flight mobile operations through terminal flight phases,” and that “road-mobility will greatly improve Chinese nuclear ballistic missile survivability and will complicate the task of defeating the Chinese threat.”

China’s Lasers Can Blast US Satellites

This news of the ICBM test came swiftly on the heels of another report from the same newspaper about an equally grave menace. The November 3 edition of the Times published that according to a Pentagon report, “China’s Peoples Liberation Army is building lasers to destroy satellites and already has beam weapons capable of damaging sensors on space-based reconnaissance and intelligence systems. Consequently, China could blind U.S. intelligence and military space equipment systems vital for deploying U.S. military forces in current and future warfare.”

The report said that the PLA has acquired a variety of technologies “that could be used to develop an anti-satellite weapon ... the lasers also could be used to disrupt or cripple commercial communications and navigation systems during ‘information warfare’,” and that “China already may possess the capability to damage, under specific conditions, optical sensors or satellites that are very vulnerable to lasers.”

Beijing, according to the report, maintains a keen interest in laser technology and it is “reasonable to assume that Beijing would develop a weapon that could destroy satellites in the future ... The laser weapons capability is among several aspects of China’s drive to develop high-technology weapons and to engage in information warfare; attacks on computers and other electronic systems”.

The report warned that the ability to damage or destroy satellites will provide China with a “strategic weapon against the U.S. military, which relies heavily on the use of space-based equipment for communicating with forces and detecting foreign military activities, from troop movements to missile launches”.

The United States has no anti-satellite weapons, or Asats, and abandoned work on an aircraft-launched satellite killer in the 1980s.

Richard Fisher, a defense specialist with the Heritage Foundation, said the Pentagon’s disclosure of Chinese anti-satellite efforts is “an extremely important revelation”.

Fisher explained that “the Pentagon report shows that China is preparing its forces to wage not only a ‘Desert-Storm’ level of regional conflict, but a ‘21st Century high-tech war’.”

The report also said China is constructing electronic jammers “which could be used against Global Positioning Systems [GPS] receivers” — pinpoint navigational devices used in all military operations and in the commercial sector as well. Such jamming would create a great danger because it would “severely hamper international transportation”.

China has made the exploitation of space, including manned space operations, a high priority. The Pentagon report stated that China’s first manned space flight is expected before the end of next year, and that manned space flight will contribute to an “improved military space system”.

The report also said that China has made improvements in its own satellite technology which will enhance the accuracy of its M-9 and M-11 missiles, with ranges of 372 miles and 186 miles, respectively.

For a full report, see Catholic Family News, Dec., 1998.

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