Blessed Be God in the Highest

Father Gabriele Amorth

Rome Exorcist Says
Archbishop Milingo "Brainwashed"

The following is an English translation of the entire article published in the Italian newspaper, Il Messaggero, May 27, 2001.

"He has been secretly subverted
by a Roman family."

ROME - “They have ruthlessly pursued him for two years and they have completely coerced him.” This is the explanation that the exorcist, Father Gabriel Amorth, “colleague” and admirer of Msgr. Milingo, gives to the incredible report from New York. The Paulist priest points the accusing finger at the Moon “sect” and at a Roman family of his followers who gave the “coup de grâce” to the coercion and have now disappeared with him in the U.S.A. According to Father Amorth, famous for having done more than 5,000 exorcisms in Rome, Msgr. Milingo “is no longer capable of understanding and willing.”

How did you know of the incredible news about Milingo?

“I was informed a few days ago by persons close to him.”

How could such a transformation take place?

“Reconstructing the last years in reverse, we have noticed that the Moon sect has made a ruthless hunt for him. Even the persons involved in the coercion have been identified, they have subjected him to brainwashing, in particular, an Italian family which disappeared with him to the U.S.A. There were many of them for some time plotting to drag him into their net with much astuteness and premeditation. And he let himself be snared ...”

It is difficult to think of an Archbishop being coerced ...

“They got him in a moment of discouragement and depression. Perhaps he resented the “kick out” he received from Holy Mother Church, he was worn down by the struggle they subjected him to. He didn’t realize that he was a prey for those who worked on him for a considerable time, and little by little, they broke him down. Now, in my opinion, Milingo is beyond recovery. Also because he is no longer approachable ...”

Really, are the followers of Moon so capable of coercion?

“The adherents of this sect have a deadly method for depersonalizing people. I have often been involved with desperate parents who lost their son – disappeared in thin air and ended up in the U.S.A. with this sect. I also know of wives and husbands who were suborned and who left their spouses and children. There are psychiatrists who are specialized in recovering such people ...”

What do you mean?

“In the U.S.A. they are called ‘deprogrammers’, because they free the persons who have been brainwashed. There are some who are specialized in treating those who have been suborned by that sect. In some cases, it was actually the police who had to ‘abduct’ them from the Moon houses. As soon as they were ‘deprogrammed’ they returned to normal lives.”

What has been your reaction to the news?

“I have been absolutely stupefied and astounded that precisely he, an Archbishop, healer and exorcist, could be able to fall into such a trap. It is explainable only in terms of an absolute brainwashing. I have known him for several years. He was a legitimate healer and, above all, an excellent preacher who freed people from demons. We used to kid each other in a friendly manner. He would say to me that I am bald: “Father Amorth, you have a hair devil!” And I would respond: “And you are black with rage against the demon.”

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