The Fatima Crusader Magazine Hosts
Third Fatima Congress in Rome

Blessed Be God in the Highest

"Fatima 2000: World Peace and the Immaculate Heart of Mary"
Congress Passes Resolutions

ROME, ITALY, Nov. 24,1996

The Congress, entitled: "Fatima 2000: World Peace and the Immaculate Heart of Mary", has been declared a success by organizers. Presented as a follow-up to the Open Letter to the Pope, published in "Il Messaggero" on July 12, 1995, interest in the Conference was high with delegates from all over the world attending. The Congress was opened by His Grace Archbishop Benedict To Varpin.

Focusing on the present-day implications of the famous apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima, the Congress addressed the "Third Secret" disclosed by Our Lady to Lucia, the last surviving seer, who is now a cloistered nun in the Diocese of Coimbra. The "Third Secret" was to be revealed to the world by the Vatican in 1960, during the pontificate of John XXIII, but it was suddenly and mysteriously suppressed and placed under seal. Speculation about the content of the Third Secret has centered on its probable prediction of an unprecedented loss of faith in the hierarchy and the Church at large, beginning in 1960 the "great apostasy" prophesied in the New Testament as a harbinger of the end times.

The Third Fatima Congress attracted once again opposition of certain Vatican bureaucrats, who are determined to squelch the view expressed by The Fatima Crusader magazine, and held by many of the faithful, that the Consecration of Russia has never been accomplished in the manner prescribed by Our Lady of Fatima, and that the "Third Secret" should be unsealed and read to the world, so that mankind may receive the benefit of the dire warning which is evidently contained in the Secret.

This year's conference was the target of similar Vatican bureaucratic maneuvers, according to conference organizers, who have received correspondence from bishops in several countries attesting to the refusal of papal nuncios to grant them visas to attend, including Bishop Salvador Lazo of the Philippines: "I used to get a visa for Italy without any difficulty at all, but this time it is quite different," said Bishop Lazo in a letter expressing his regret at being prevented from attending the conference by the papal nuncio.

Despite Vatican opposition, this year's conference was attended by well over 100 delegates including Archbishops, bishops and priests.

Archbishop Milingo of Zaire, an outspoken critic of efforts by Vatican bureaucrats to prevent the attendance of bishops at the 1994 Fatima conference in Mexico by denying them exit visas, delivered a fiery speech to delegates at this year’s conference.

Archbishop Milingo said that some members of the Church hierarchy in Rome are Satanists working to undermine the Catholic Church. In a speech entitled "Good and Evil Toward the Year 2000", Milingo said that "evil forces" within the Church are behind the failure of the Vatican to disclose the mysterious "Third Secret" of Fatima.

Former Vatican insider and best-selling author, Dr. Malachi Martin, reached for comment at his home in Manhattan confirmed Archbishop Milingo's observations: "Archbishop Milingo is a good bishop and his contention that there are Satanists in Rome is completely correct. Anybody who is acquainted with the state of affairs in the Vatican in the last 35 years is well aware that the Prince of Darkness has had and still has his surrogates in the court of St. Peter in Rome."

The Fatima 2000 Conference is sponsored by The Fatima Crusader magazine, whose publisher, Father Nicholas Gruner, has spent the past 18 years attempting to persuade the Vatican to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as She requested in apparitions to three shepherd children at Fatima Portugal in 1917. Father Gruner has also sought disclosure of the "Third Secret", which has been kept under lock and key in the Vatican since it was delivered there in 1957 and read by Pope John XXIII in private. Commenting on Father Gruner's work, Martin said: "Father Gruner is fulfilling a desperately needed function in the ongoing perception of Mary's role in the salvation of our imperiled world. Father Gruner is absolutely correct that the Consecration of Russia as Our Lady desired it has not been executed. It may not be too late if Father Gruner's plea is heeded in time."

Dr. Martin was Secretary to Cardinal Augustin Bea in the Vatican. Dr. Martin says that Cardinal Bea was shown the Third Secret by Pope John XXIII, and came out of the meeting visibly shaken, expressing his distress to Dr. Martin that the Pope was not going to reveal the Third Secret to the world. Dr. Martin also confirms that content of the Third Secret is the unprecedented crisis in contemporary Catholicism and the failure of the hierarchy to adequately address it.

Father Gruner gave several addresses to the congress outlining the implications to the world if Our Lady's wishes are not followed, "The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated." Now, with greater urgency than ever, we must petition our Holy Father to step through the phalanx of Vatican bureaucrats which surrounds him and do precisely what Our Lady requested at Fatima, in an apparition the Church has declared authentic and worthy of belief, an apparition confirmed with a miracle witnessed by 70,000 people, Father Gruner told delegates in his speech entitled, "Fatima, Our Only Hope".

Well known Bible Scholar Gerry Matatics in his address pointed out the relevance of the Apocalypse to the Fatima Message, with Dr. Thomas Droleskey enlightening delegates about the world as it will look under the reign of Mary.

Capping the conference was a set of resolutions passed without dissent by all delegates addressing the concerns raised at this year's Fatima 2000 conference in Rome.

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