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The Fatima Crusader Magazine to Host Third Fatima Congress in Rome

"Fatima 2000: World Peace
and the Immaculate Heart of Mary"

The Consecration of Russia and the Suppressed "Third Secret" of Fatima to be Discussed Despite Opposition of Vatican Bureaucrats

Fort Erie, Ontario, September 2, 1996

The Fatima Crusader magazine announced today that it will be sponsoring its third Annual Fatima Conference in Rome, Italy, November 18-23, with the participation of His Grace Archbishop Benedict to Varpin and His Excellency Bishop Salvador Lazo. Every bishop in the world is invited to attend the Congress at the expense of The Fatima Crusader.

The Congress, entitled: "Fatima 2000: World Peace and the Immaculate Heart of Mary", will focus intensely on the present-day implications of the famous apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima, Portugal in 1917. During these apparitions, recognized as authentic by the Church, the Blessed Virgin told three peasant children, Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia, that consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart by the Pope, in union with all the world's bishops, was God's chosen means for achieving world peace in our time.

The Congress will also address the "Third Secret" disclosed by Our Lady to Lucia, the last surviving seer, who is now a cloistered nun in the Diocese of Coimbra. The "Third Secret" was to be revealed to the world by the Vatican in 1960, during the pontificate of John XXIII, but it was suddenly and mysteriously suppressed and placed under seal. Speculation about the content of the Third Secret has centered on its probable prediction of an unprecedented loss of faith in the hierarchy and the Church at large, beginning in 1960 the "great apostasy" prophesied in the New Testament as a harbinger of the end times.

The Third Fatima Congress has already attracted the opposition of certain Vatican bureaucrats, who are determined to squelch the view expressed by The Fatima Crusader magazine, and held by many of the faithful, that the Consecration of Russia has never been accomplished in the manner prescribed by Our Lady of Fatima, and that the "Third Secret" should be unsealed and read to the world, so that mankind may receive the benefit of the dire warning which is evidently contained in the Secret. These bureaucrats have issued a communiqué‚ to every bishop in the world stating that no bishop should attend the Congress in Rome because it "lacks permission of ecclesiastical authority", when in fact no such permission is required by the law of the Church.

These same bureaucrats attempted unsuccessfully to derail two prior Fatima Congresses sponsored by The Fatima Crusader at Fatima, Portugal in 1992, and at Mexico City in 1994. In an effort to intimidate bishops, priests and members of the faithful into avoiding the prior conferences, the bureaucrats issued canonically meaningless "declarations" to every bishop in the world, and on the pages of L'Osservatore Romano, that the congresses were "without permission of ecclesiastical authority", when Church law requires no permission for privately organized conferences on Church affairs. Through back-door diplomatic maneuvers, the bureaucrats attempted to block issuance of visas to bishops who wished to attend the 1994 conference at Mexico City, and they persuaded the Mexican bishops conference to cancel the reservation of its facilities for the Congress, forcing it to relocate to an expensive hotel at the last moment.

The publisher of The Fatima Crusader magazine, Father Nicholas Gruner, has also been subjected to extraordinary interventions against him by the bureaucrats, who are incensed by Father Gruner's tireless proclamation of the "politically incorrect" aspects of the Fatima Message, and are apparently alarmed by the growing support for this work among the laity and clergy alike. Benevolent bishops who wished to sponsor Father Gruner's work in their dioceses by "incardinating" him as one on their priests, have been "ordered" privately by the bureaucrats to shun Father Gruner. Such intervention is an unprecedented departure from proper canonical procedure, which leaves the incardination of priests to a bishop's discretion. Pressure has also been applied to force Father Gruner to return in exile to Avellino, Italy, the diocese of his ordination, even though he has resided in Canada under written permission from the Bishops of Avellino since 1978. Father Gruner intends to appeal the demand that he return to Avellino after 20 years "all the way to the Holy Father himself, if necessary".

"Despite this constant opposition by the bureaucrats in Rome, our conference will proceed", said Coralie Graham, the editor of The Fatima Crusader. "Vatican II's Constitution on the Church, Lumen Gentium, and the Code of Canon Law approved by Pope John Paul II, guarantee and protect the rights of lay people and priests like Father Gruner to establish organizations and magazines like ours, to meet in congresses of the faithful, and to petition Rome for such things as the Consecration of Russia and disclosure of the Third Secret. If any member of the Vatican bureaucracy declares that our congress is 'without permission of ecclesiastical authority, the response of any informed bishop or layman should be a resounding 'So what?' "

The list of topics and speakers for the Congress promises a thorough exposition of the most controversial aspects of the Fatima Message, aspects which, it seems, certain members of the Vatican apparatus would rather keep from public view.

Further details of the conference can be obtained from Mrs. Graham and her staff. The Fatima Crusader Magazine, Fatima Center, 452 Kraft Road, Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada L2A 4M7 or via email on Our Lady's web site.

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