Staying Focused in This Battle for
the Rights of Christ the King

by Joanna Swords

In the last few years I have heard Catholics and non-Catholics expressing dismay and fear about the many serious things happening in the world: the prevalence of wars and the never-ending talk of nuclear disaster, the moral decline to the point of insanity in secular laws, and the seeming cooperation with such insanity even among churchmen.

How sad it is for those who recognize something is terribly wrong, yet don’t understand the reason why all the chaos is occurring and why mankind is in such a state. And when expressing their fear and concern, they also express that they don’t know what to do or how to handle it. Sadder still, is when someone attempts to explain to these frightened souls the reason for all the insanity and to provide them with the only solution – a truly simple one – and they fail to listen or believe.

Even those who know the only true solution, which was given by the Queen of Heaven, are at times shaking in their shoes at what has already happened, at what is currently happening, and at what is yet to come.

Yet what a blessing for those who truly know the Fatima Message and understand its importance for the salvation of souls, its relationship to everything happening in the Church and the world, its necessity for ending the crisis in the Church and the subsequent moral decline in the world, and its role as the only solution for the restoration of the Church and the moral order in the world according to God’s laws.

Simply put, there is nothing happening in the Church and the world that does not go back to the Message of Fatima. For those who know the Message, they understand why the religious and secular world continue on a downward slide.

They know the reason for everything that is happening and they understand there is a truly beautiful and simple solution. Yet in the thick of the confusion and persecution, it is easy to become fearful of the punishments occurring and to forget that Our Lady came with a message of warning and of hope – a message of such importance that She made sure that the proof given, verifying the authenticity of the message and its source, was witnessed by an incredible multitude as never before. And She told us what we must do.

We cannot sit comfortably and wait without much work and sacrifice. We must first and foremost do what She asked of each of us. To profess knowledge of Her Message and ignore Her requests would be worse than not knowing about Fatima at all. It is precisely because we know the Message that we should be motivated to do all Our Lady requests, especially when it is so evident that many have never heard of the Fatima apparitions and are unaware of Our Lady’s requests.

We know for a certainty that when Our Lady’s message is finally heeded by enough of the Catholic world, and the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is finally done, the Church and the world will be truly blessed and will turn around.

As the punishments for Catholics ignoring Our Lady and Her Message unfold – punishments that She Herself warned of 101 years ago – we must hang on to the one thing we know for sure: that in the end Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart will Triumph. We know that for sure because She told us so.

When the Consecration of Russia is finally done, Our Lady told us Russia will convert (to the Catholic Faith!) and the rest of the world will follow. Subsequently, the world will be given a period of peace – that is, the peace of Christ in the hearts of men. And when that happens men won’t want to make weapons to kill one another; they won’t want to slaughter innocents in the womb; they won’t want to reduce the world’s population by two-thirds; they won’t want laws that are against God’s laws.

And we will have a world such as has never been seen, a truly Catholic world. We must focus on this. Yes, the punishments for ignoring God and His laws that Our Lady of Fatima warned about have been occurring for decades with the promise of ever greater chastisements yet to come. But we know that in the end we have something truly magnificent to look forward to whether we live to see it in this world, or if we must first pass through the crucible of martyrdom to see it in the next. Sooner or later the requested Consecration will be performed, and Our Lady's Immaculate Heart will be honored in this world as God desires. (Please God it will be sooner, and thereby many lives and souls will be saved!)

So let’s remind one another to focus on that beauty and magnificence that has previously been witnessed only by Adam and Eve when they were in Paradise – something which none of us can imagine. Men are always searching for paradise here on earth through purely human solutions – a truly fruitless search.

The true paradise is in Heaven. And while on earth, we can catch glimpses of it and experience it briefly when properly assisting at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass of the ages. 

But thanks to Our Lady of Fatima, we know that for a specified amount of time – the length of which only God knows – following the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, those here on earth will experience the closest thing resembling Heaven, second only to the Holy Sacrifice.

For our entire lives we have been told that in this life there is only one sure thing – that in the end we will all die.

But Our Lady of Fatima gave us another absolutely certain promise of a special time to come – something unimaginable, but desirable – following the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.  As we fight the battle we are currently engaged in to restore all things in Christ, let us remember this special promise, this special time to come, that Our Heavenly Mother waits to give us. Let us focus on Her and Her promise and never lose sight of it. It will be our blessing and give us courage in this battle. And it gives us something to look forward to.

For She Herself gave us the promise and assurance that:

In the end, My Immaculate Heart will Triumph.”

And She told us that while engaged in this battle, and waiting for that promised Triumph and subsequent time to come, that we must stay focused on Her and never let Her out of our sight, when She spoke those memorable words that confirmed what the great saints and Doctors of the Church understood:

 “My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God.”

May Her Triumph come soon!