Fatima Staff Report

November 10, 2017

Both praise and blame landed on Donald Trump for using the phrase, “radical Islamic terrorism” during the 2016 presidential campaign. The provenance of the praise was the desire of many that the obvious should be publicly acknowledged: people shouting “allahu akbar” as they slaughtered others with bombs, knives, bullets, vehicles, etc. were Muslims.

The previous president, Barack Hussein Obama, refused to pronounce the words, “radical Islamic terrorism.” He, along with most every Western leader whose citizens are subjected to periodic attack from Muslims, insisted that Islam was a religion of peace and that those who killed others while praising allah were engaged in some sort of false-flag operation: pretending to be Muslims while they were really … what? Seventh Day Adventists? Predestinarian Anabaptists?

Western leaders are worried that anyone should think Islam the cause of these bloody episodes, which have become more or less expected and are, as the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, tells us, merely part of living in a modern city, like traffic congestion. Rush-hour gridlock and pedestrians being mowed down on the sidewalks by jihadis are the price we must be willing to pay to enjoy the rich benefits of multicultural urban life. So, let’s stop being melodramatic about those bodies we may have to step over on the way home from work.

It costs leaders, protected by armed guards and living within walled enclosures, little to urge those who do not enjoy these safeguards to accept mortal danger as normal. Pope Francis, whose security is as great as that of any world leader, never tires of telling others to welcome Muslim immigrants without fear or prejudice. And the Pope, like other world leaders, is also eager to inform us that Islam is not responsible for the “allahu akbar” attacks that are happening with sickening regularity. Apparently, some Muslims do not understand their own religion and think that when Muhammed says to kill the infidel, he actually means it.

The phrase, “radical Islamic terrorism,” should be examined. The word “radical” comes from the Latin, “radix,” which means root. The root of anything is that from which it grows: it is its ground, its base, its seminal nature. From particular roots, particular things take shape. From the root of Islam, holy war issues forth, inevitably.

Now, to pronounce the words “radical Islamic terrorism” does little in itself, especially if we do not realize what they mean. The adjective “radical” could be eliminated and greater clarity would result. If the phrase “radical Catholic Faith” were to be used, it could only mean that Faith which is rooted in the Church Our Lord founded. It is not used because it is unnecessary: it makes no essential distinction, nor is it integral to the definition of “Catholic Faith.” In the case of “radical Islamic terrorism,” the adjective is used to suggest a false distinction: that there is Islam, which is peaceful, and radical Islam, which is violent.

But both supposed forms of Islam have the same root: the Koran. And the Koran is not subject to interpretation, which is strictly forbidden, but must be accepted at face value, in its literal meaning. If slitting the throat of the infidel is a prescribed action, then there is no wiggle room. This is what “radical” Muslims realize. And those Muslims who stand by and watch jihad being waged by their more zealous brethren are tellingly silent about their view of the matter. Our media, in the service of the political class, does not call attention to the absence of condemnation that “allahu akbar” murders elicit from “moderate” Muslims and their governments. Instead, they sound the alarm bell lest there be any backlash against Muslims, and “misinformed” people connect the dots between Islam and jihad.

Having allowed Muslims to pour into Europe and North America, Western leaders have created a problem that appears insoluble, at least so long as honest admission of its nature is forbidden. We have among us a percentage of Muslims who will, at any given moment, kill innocent people in the name of allah. So long as they remain among us, there is no way to prevent this, which fact receives tacit acknowledgement in Sadiq Khan’s advice that we merely accept such bloody outbreaks as normal. To stop the terror, we have to remove its source: Islamic terrorists.

A “radicalized” Muslim, as the media and politicians describe the perpetrators of mass murder, can be any Muslim who has taken his religion to heart, that is, gone to its root. Such radicalization is often blamed on social media, as though innocent Muslims are the victims of Internet propaganda that “perverts” Islam. There are even occasional and ludicrous calls to do something about sites that promote jihad. During Islam’s bloodiest rampages in centuries past, when jihadis swept across vast territories shouting “allahu akbar” as they slit the throats of the infidels, the only media source responsible for their “radicalization” was the true root of Islam: the Koran.

And the eagerness with which the phrase “lone wolf” is applied to Muslims who murder unabetted also betrays how zealous politicians are to dissociate the attacker from Islam. It is as though the “lone wolf” came by his supposedly perverse understanding of Islam in some unique fashion, as a matter of personal eccentricity that we needn’t fear is connected to any group of people, say, Muslims at large. So, the platitudes about tolerance, about the “religion of peace,” about not letting our normal lives be interrupted (as though going about our business while our neighbors are being slaughtered is a brave act of defiance) will continue. When will we sicken of it all? When will we say, “Enough!” and do what we must to protect ourselves and our children?

Unless and until the West is willing to stop Muslim immigration and deport those among us who espouse jihad, we have no hope of curbing the violence. Unless our leaders frankly acknowledge that the root of Islamic terrorism is Islam and either deport or closely monitor those Muslims who remain among us, we will continue to watch one attack follow another until the ultimate horror is realized and we adopt the attitude urged upon us by Sadiq Khan. We will say, “Such is life,” and never utter a word about “radical Islamic terrorism.” Like roots in the old days, the root of terrorism will be kept in the cellar, and we will be afraid to bring it into the light and look at its true form.

But do any of us expect that our politicians and Church leaders will face the truth about Islam and do what is needed to protect us? Can it even be imagined that Angela Merkel or Theresa May would say: “We have allowed the enemy within the gate, and its name is Islam; we must halt Muslim immigration and deport anyone who poses a danger to us”? Even Donald Trump’s boldness during his campaign has been modified, and the rather weak and limited temporary immigration halts he issued were blocked and had to travel to the Supreme Court. There is simply no desire on the part of the ruling class to speak honestly and act responsibly.

Our Lady told us that only She can help us. We had better realize the truth of Her words and stop looking elsewhere, to our weak and complicit leaders, in the hope that something will be done to halt the decline of our culture and stop the incessant and bloody assaults upon the innocent.

Our Lady came to Fatima to perform the greatest public miracle ever and to deliver Her urgent message for our time. Fatima is a Muslim name. It was the name of Muhammed’s daughter and the name of a young woman in Portugal who converted to Catholicism and stayed behind when the crusaders against Islam drove the invaders from Portugal. The village was renamed in her honor. So, Fatima has a significance in the story of our relations with Islam. If peace is to come to the world through the consecration Our Lady requested, certainly that peace must encompass Islam.

We know that Russia will be converted when the consecration is performed. But can there be the peace Our Lady promised unless Islam, too, comes under Her mantle? The Muslims have always accorded a certain honor to Our Lady, “Miriam,” and we have reason to hope that Our Lady will pour out Her grace, not only upon the nation of Russia, but also upon all the nations of Islam who need to be delivered from their present darkness.