The Proximate Pinnacle of the Present Pontificate?

by Brendan Young
September 14, 2017

We find ourselves a month away from the 100th anniversary of Our Lady’s sixth apparition at Fatima (and the Miracle of the Sun) on October 13, 1917. The news of troubling developments in the Church and the world, in Rome and abroad, is a daily source of concern.

Many Catholics are understandably uneasy, aware of the vital, indispensable necessity of the proper Consecration of Russia. We cannot help but recall the “100 years” connection of Fatima and the example of the King of France, cited by Our Lord in His 1931 apparition to Sr. Lucia at Rianjo. We are faced with the certainty — not merely the possibility — of much (avoidable!) destruction and sadness, because the Pope refuses to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Indeed, the Consecration of Russia should be the boast and the pinnacle of Pope Francis’ reign — as it should have been with his six predecessors as well. Instead it remains unperformed and we are sure to suffer in various ways as a consequence. The probable pinnacle of the present pontificate seems to be upon us, although it will most likely not consist in the Consecration requested by Our Lady.

In a September 11 interview with Vatican Radio, Bishop Marcello Semeraro, secretary of the “C9” Council of Cardinals formed by Pope Francis as advisors on curial reform in the Vatican, stated that “as far as the reform process of the Roman Curia is concerned, it is even more than three-quarters of the way there – it is almost complete.” The recently deceased Cormac Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor, member of the “St. Gallen Mafia” seemingly responsible for the election of Pope Francis, could very well have been the anonymous cardinal who stated that “four years of Bergoglio would be enough to change things.”

Since March 2013, the Church has been “gifted” with Amoris Laetitia, shocking statements that are at least borderline-blasphemous, demeaning insults to those trying to preserve Tradition, disastrous revisions to Canon Law, further liturgical innovation, and “theological” commissions to “examine” women deacons and Humane Vitae. The Pope who can kneel to wash the feet of Muslim women on Holy Thursday, cannot bring himself to genuflect or kneel before the Blessed Sacrament.

The Bishop of Rome has had time to personally phone an Argentinean woman “married” to a divorced man and tell her that she could receive Holy Communion, but almost a year later, still ignores the dubia submitted to him. Francis asked Bologna’s current Archbishop, Matteo Maria Zuppi, to tell the recently deceased Carlo Cardinal Caffarra “that I love him a lot” but snubbed Caffarra’s respectful pleas for doctrinal clarity. The Cardinal, who died suddenly, told Infovaticana journalist Gabriel Ariza a few months ago, that the Dubia Cardinals were being watched, and their communications intercepted and tapped. (See “Cardinal Caffarra Told Journalist that the Dubia Cardinals Were Being Monitored”.) According to various reports, the atmosphere in Rome remains one full of fear and uncertainty.

The Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith was suddenly dismissed, while the Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura was reduced to an honorary role, and that in name only. A Colombian priest was suspended for respectfully criticizing Amoris Laetitia. Most recently, the Austrian philosopher and professor Josef Seifert was removed from his Dietrich von Hildebrand Chair at the International Academy of Philosophy by the local Archbishop for the same reason.

Jesuit Fr. James Martin continues to write and speak freely in favor of sins the Church has always condemned, while Franciscan friar Ramoncito Razon asks, “why is climate change denial not yet a crime?” Forget Natural and Divine Law, never mind the rampant apostasy in the Church. We should prosecute those who legitimately question a theory!

Have these four years been “enough to change things”?

Yes, things continue to worsen. Sadly, the most scandalous and sickening events in the current Pontificate are probably yet to come. Let us pray fervently to Our Lady of Fatima, and St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church (whose own October apparition at Fatima was promised by the Blessed Virgin on September 13, 1917) that we remain faithful to the true doctrine of the Church, and have the grace to recognize and resist the errors of modernism, even when these are held by the Vicar of Christ.

We find solace in Our Lady’s words, that in the end, Her Immaculate Heart will triumph. But we must do all that we can to hasten that triumph. As Father Nicholas Gruner said: “The time is late. Pray the Rosary and be more informed by this [the Fatima] Message.”