Our Lady's Apostolate is engaged in an all-out campaign in Rome to make the urgency of obeying Our Lady of Fatima known! We are using every form of media at our disposal. Billboards throughout the city urge the Pope and the bishops to act now to avert the terrible suffering Our Lady prophesied. We are also using trotters, which are mobile billboards (trucks which drive around the city) to make people in every neighborhood aware that we have reached a critical point in the history of the Fatima prophecies: we must either obey or face the prospect of “the annihilation of nations” Our Lady foretold! On the 13th of every month, our volunteers will take to the streets of Rome with pamphlets that tell the story of the Fatima Message and warn of the dangers of ignoring it. We are urging everyone to petition the Pope and bishops to perform the Consecration of Russia as Our Lady requested! And we are asking everyone to sanctify their lives through praying the Rosary and making sacrifices for sinners. This is what Our Lady asked of the laity. Our obedience may open the floodgates of grace that will enable the Pope and bishops to perform the consecration. We all must do our part.

Our campaign in Rome is ambitious – and costly. We hope to continue it until October 13, 2107 – which will mark the 100th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun. Our Lady provided spectacular and incontrovertible proof of the authenticity of Her Message. More than 70,000 people – including unbelievers – witnessed the sun “dance” and appear to plunge toward the Earth. A century has now passed since the great public miracle, and still Our Lady waits for the world – and the Church! – to accept and obey Her message. She promises us world peace as the reward for obedience, or war and suffering as the result of delaying obedience. Our choice is clear!

We are doing all we can to urge immediate obedience to Our Lady. Our Rome campaign is part of our “Triumph: 2017!” strategy to bring about the Consecration of Russia. But it can only continue with your help. Please, pray for the success of our campaign. And please, do all you can to support this costly effort. Our Lady is ready to help us in unimaginable ways, but we must invite Her help. We can do this by making the urgency of Her Message known. It’s up to us. Let us not hesitate to do all that is in our power!   Donate