Report: New Miracle of the Sun in Fatima
Occurs on Father Gruner's Birthday

May 18, 2016

According to Portuguese media, pilgrims experienced a new “miracle of the sun” in Fatima last May 4, which is the birthdate of Father Nicholas Gruner.

The event reportedly took place in Vila Nova de Ourem shortly after 8 a.m. More than a hundred people witnessed the prodigy.

On May 5, the Portuguese newspaper Correio Da Manhã reported: “More than a hundred faithful experienced yesterday a phenomenon in Ourem, which they describe as a new ‘sun miracle.’” The statue of Our Lady of Fatima had been venerated throughout the night in the church. For several months the statue was on pilgrimage through the diocese of Fatima from place to place. In the morning she was taken to the next place when the phenomenon occurred.

According to reports, the phenomenon lasted more than a quarter of an hour, exactly the time it took the procession to move the statue from Ourém towards Caxarias, and then disappeared from the sight of the faithful. “Those present reported an unusually bright light shining like a beam of light which was directed to them, with the light source turning at high speed.”

Witnesses noted, “It was spectacular.” “It was an extraordinary situation.”

The Correio Da Manhã newspaper posted a brief video [in Portuguese] on the story. 

Likewise SIC television in Portugal posted a half-hour video report.

In all such cases, we do not presume the final judgement of the Church, but simply report what witnesses testify.

Compiled by The Fatima Center, based on a report from the Eponymous Flower.