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Dispelling the Misleading
Announcement of Sept. 12, 2001
Regarding Father Nicholas Gruner

On September 12, 2001, the day after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, certain Vatican officials thought it more urgent to publish the following unprecedented “announcement” in L’Osservatore Romano concerning Father Nicholas Gruner, which read as follows:

The Holy See has received several news reports concerning the so-called Conference for Peace in the World, which is being planned for Rome for October 7 to 13 and which has been organized by Fr. Nicholas Gruner of Canada. The Congregation for the Clergy, upon the mandate from a higher authority, wishes to state that Rev. Nicholas Gruner is under an 'a divinis' suspension, which has been confirmed by a definitive sentence of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signature. The activities of Fr. Gruner, therefore, including the above-mentioned conference, do not have the approval of legitimate ecclesiastical authorities.

This short reply is offered for the convenient reference of those who seek the truth.

(1) There are No Grounds for the Alleged “Suspension”: The “announcement” states no grounds for the alleged “a divinis” suspension, because there are none. Father Gruner was threatened with suspension by the Bishop of Avellino for “failing to be incardinated,” but only after the Vatican Secretary of State (who sent what the Bishop called “worried signals” about Father Gruner’s legitimate criticism of the Secretary of State’s anti-Fatima agenda) pressured him to recall Father Gruner unless he found another bishop.

(2) Incardination was Blocked: The Secretary of State and the Congregation for the Clergy then blocked offers of incardination from several friendly bishops, thus attempting to convict Father Gruner of “failing to obey” an order the Secretary of State was preventing him from obeying. But, the Archbishop of Hyderabad rejected this gambit, incardinated Father Gruner anyway, and courageously declared that “bureaucratic forces cannot stifle God’s work.”

(3) “Higher Authority” Remains Anonymous: The “announcement” states that the Congregation for the Clergy states that a “higher authority” (i.e. the Vatican Secretary of State) wishes the Congregation to state that the Apostolic Signatura states that Father Gruner’s “sentence” of “suspension” has been “confirmed.”

(4) Lack of Responsibility, Lack of Facts: As the “announcement” shows, no one takes responsibility for this “sentence,” provides its grounds, identifies the party who allegedly imposed the sentence or the date it was imposed. That is because there was no sentence to confirm, for no offense was committed. No offense was committed because Father Gruner did not “fail to be incardinated.” The Archbishop of Hyderabad incardinated him, and neither the Bishop of Avellino nor the Apostolic Signatura has ever responded to documentation, served on them more than 7 years ago, establishing Father Gruner’s incardination and rendering moot the Bishop’s never-realized threat of suspension — a threat that, in any event, constituted illicit coercion.

(5) Ploy to Silence Fatima: The alleged “suspension ‘a divinis’” rests, therefore, on thin air. It is a canonical ruse engineered by Vatican bureaucrats led by the Secretary of State, whose role in attempting to bury the authentic Message of Fatima, which Father Gruner has promoted for 29 years, is known to well-informed Catholics the world over.

(6) Approval Not Required: Neither the Fatima conference referred to in the “announcement,” nor any of the other activities of the Fatima Center’s apostolate, require “the approval of legitimate ecclesiastical authorities’ which the “announcement” falsely implied were necessary. Here too the “announcement” is a canonical sham, because, as the Code of Canon Law provides, members of the faithful, including priests, do not need approval of ecclesiastical authority to hold conferences or to form private associations for the purpose of communicating with each other, and with the sacred pastors, on matters of concern in the Church (Canons 212 §§ 2, 3: 215, 216, 299, 300).

That, in brief, is the truth concerning the “announcement” of September 12, 2001.

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