High Acclaim for
"Heaven’s Key to Peace"

"Heaven’s Key to Peace" is impressive on two levels. First, it is a genuinely professional production, technically speaking. Second, and more important, the documentary makes a strong case for the Pope to finally perform the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary exactly as She requested in the Fatima Message. The world longs for peace. Many in the Church and the world strive for peace, yet it remains elusive. Heaven has promised us peace, and told us how to achieve it. Why not consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?"

"The apparitions at Fatima map out for us the events of our age. The way to make sense of the modern world is to understand the Message of Fatima. In this new documentary, ‘Heaven’s Key to Peace,’ the Message of Fatima and the course of history are linked in a clear and comprehensible manner, and the road that lies before us is clearly charted. This film is essential viewing."

"With all of the excellent books on Fatima available, why the need for a video presentation as well? Because Bishop Fulton Sheen proved that video media could be a force for good in bringing the truths of the Faith to non-Catholics as well as Catholics. It is in that vein that ‘Heaven’s Key to Peace’ is a powerful new vehicle for promoting Our Lady’s Message about Her promise of peace to the world. This video tells the Fatima story succinctly and with great drama. The appeal to non-Catholics is made quite ingeniously — what have we got to lose by asking the Holy Father to perform the consecration in union with all the world’s bishops? Nothing ... but we have everything to gain! Nevertheless, the video will also be treasured by Catholics, since it inspires us and reminds us that we must not despair however horrible the present condition of the world."

"In an increasingly violent world that needs the Message of peace given in 1917 by Our Lady of Fatima more than ever before, what a tragedy it is that the Message is being obscured and/or ignored, not only by wayward priests and bishops, but even by some in the Vatican itself. It seems the universal ecumenical movement in the Church today is threatened by the words of the Mother of God who spoke of conversion to the Catholic Faith with conviction.

"It’s a rather unsettling sign of the times that a mere handful of laymen and one priest have to try to do what the Church has thus far failed to do — let the world know of the urgent nature of Our Lady’s Message and it’s direct implications for war and peace in the near future. Thankfully, these Catholics have not failed in their duty. Their new documentary not only provides the whole truth about Fatima but manages to do so in a slick presentation of live interviews and historical film footage that make it virtually indistinguishable in quality from those broadcast by the History or Discovery channels.

"Mel Gibson is clearly not the only Catholic using the camera to light the candle of truth in the prevailing darkness of modern godlessness. I cannot recommend the new Fatima documentary highly enough! It is absolutely ‘must viewing’ for all Catholics and even many Protestants."

The Fatima Center urges as many people as possible to view "Heaven’s Key to Peace," to be aired on December 4 and December 8 See details: https://archive.fatima.org/news/ newsviews/112904hktp.asp

For those who may not be able to view the broadcast, or who simply want a copy of the program for themselves, "Heaven’s Key to Peace" is available on video or DVD for a donation of $25.00 or more. Call 1-800-263-8160.