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Bertone’s Cover-up of Third Secret Continues to Unravel

“They resort to force because they have no answers”

Sept. 26, 2007: Fort Erie (Canada): The Fatima Center, the world’s largest apostolate promoting the full Message of Fatima, was outraged to learn of the assault on Dr. Antonio Socci and Dr. Solideo Paolini. These two Italian journalists, whose research leads them to conclude that the entire Third Secret was not yet revealed, were physically assaulted at a recent event conducted by Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Bertone.

Cardinal Bertone's Gala

On Friday, September 21, Cardinal Bertone held an official presentation of his book L’Ultima Veggente di Fatima (The Last Seer of Fatima). It was located at the Pontifical Urbaniana University in Rome, and was attended by government dignitaries, bankers, Vatican prelates and members of the Press.

Also present were Antonio Socci, author of Il Quarto Segreto di Fatima (The Fourth Secret of Fatima), and Solideo Paolini, author of Do Not Despise Prophecy. Both authors show that there is reason to believe there is still a part of the Secret yet to be released.

As Dr. Socci is a well-known journalist and television personality, his book (published November 2006) caused quite a stir in Italy and around the world. Cardinal Bertone’s The Last Seer of Fatima was an attempt, albeit an unsuccessful one, to disprove the main thesis of Socci’s book.

Archbishop Capovilla's Solid Testimony

Apart from many other indicators that the entire Third Secret was not revealed, Socci’s book contains the testimony of Archbishop Capovilla, the personal secretary of Pope John XXIII who was with John XXIII when he read the Secret.

Archbishop Capovilla admitted (in July 2006) to Dr. Solideo Paolini that there were indeed two different but complementary texts of the Third Secret: one that was kept at the Holy Office and another that was kept in the papal apartments. This information was published in Socci’s book.

After the book was published, Dr. Socci received a personal letter from Pope Benedict XVI thanking him for the book and praising the sentiments that inspired Socci to write it.

For ten months since the publication of Socci’s book, Archbishop Capovilla did not retract his words, though Solideo Paolini noted in a speech he gave (in August 2007) at the Fatima Center’s “Only Way to World Peace” conference in Brazil, that the Archbishop was coming under pressure from the Vatican for what he had said regarding the Secret.

Archbishop Capovilla's Non-Denial

Dr. Paolini had again visited Capovilla on June 21, 2007 as the Archbishop was preparing a written report consisting of documents, photocopies and various papers. Capovilla said these “were things that I have to reply to.” Paolini, who saw the correspondence, noted, “It seemed that the Vatican had asked him to give them a complete file about his statements; it is as if they said to him: ‘What exactly did you say to him? And why?’”

It was thus no surprise that at Cardinal Bertone’s September 21 presentation, the audience was shown a brief video clip of Capovilla giving the appearance of a retraction.

The filmed interview was conducted by journalist Giuseppe De Carli (co-author of Bertone's book), parts of which already appeared the previous week in The London Telegraph, and in the curious Italian medium of Diva e Donna, a women’s gossip magazine.

In the filmed interview, the Archbishop reportedly admitted that the four pages presented by the Vatican in 2000 were indeed the pages he saw in 1959. But no serious commentator on the Secret has ever suggested that the four pages were not authentic, but rather that what the Vatican had revealed was incomplete.

The Archbishop also said, “It has never entered my mind that there could be a fourth secret. No one ever said such a thing to me nor did I ever claim any such thing.”

But the phrase “fourth secret of Fatima” is merely a journalistic term invented by Dr. Socci to indicate part of the Third Secret that he gives facts and reasons for believing has yet to be unveiled. Socci has never claimed there is an actual “Fourth Secret”. Thus Capovilla is telling the truth when he says there is no such thing as a “fourth secret.”

Capovilla has never categorically stated that the four pages released by the Vatican comprise all of Sister Lucy’s writings concerning the Secret. Thus Capovilla, due to obvious pressure from the Vatican, gives an apparent retraction, but not an actual retraction of his statements to Paolini.

Dr. Socci Seeking the Whole Truth
— Is Bushwhacked

However, Socci and Paolini never got to see the Capovilla film because of the unfortunate incident before the conference began.

Shortly before the event started, inside the auditorium, Dr. Socci had asked Father Federico Lombardi, Director of the Vatican Press Office, for permission to speak with Cardinal Bertone. Father Lombardi refused, insisting that the Cardinal will take no questions.

As reported in the daily paper, Il Riformista: “Socci kindly asked to be allowed to ask just one single question to the Cardinal, to which the prelate could answer with a simple yes or no. The question would have been the following: ‘Your Eminence, are you ready to swear on the Gospel that the famous phrase by Our Lady contained in the Third Secret of Fatima published by the Vatican in the year 2000 (“In Portugal the dogma of the faith will always be preserved etc.”) is not followed by anything else?’”

Socci and Paolini then went to the entrance of the “Aula Magna” (the “large auditorium” of the University) in the hope of speaking with the Cardinal when he arrived. Upon seeing Dr. Socci, Cardinal Bertone darted to a side entrance to avoid Socci’s question.

The journalists there present began to ask Socci questions about what had just happened. At that moment Vatican bodyguards descended upon Dr. Socci demanding that he stop speaking to reporters and ordered Socci and Paolini to leave. When Socci responded, explaining that he was simply a journalist who had a right to be there, they began pushing and shoving them.

“It is outrageous,” Socci was quoted in Il Corriere della Sera, “I only wanted to ask a one-minute question and have a quick answer: yes or no. But Cardinal Bertone, having been notified of my presence, went out a service door and entered directly into the conference hall. It was a strange tactic that caused all the witnesses to laugh [at Bertone].”

“After that”, Dr. Socci continued, “three Vatican bodyguards pushed me outside the premises saying that I could not be interviewed there. A ridiculous scene which shocked all of my colleagues who were present, and it also stunned me since I am a strong defender of the Vatican”.

Dr. Solideo Paolini's Further Documentary Proof

Solideo Paolini, who was with Dr. Socci, likewise suffered brutal treatment from Vatican bodyguards who wrestled his cell phone from him, bruising his hand in the process.

Dr. Paolini has a recording of Archbishop Capovilla admitting that there are indeed two different texts of the Third Secret. Dr. Socci was playing the recording for newspapermen when the bodyguards forced him off the property.

The Italian newspaper Il Giornale reported, “To the journalists there, Socci played a recording with the voice of Capovilla who on June 21, 2007 said, ‘There was something else, apart from the four pages, an attachment, yes.’ Words that would strengthen the theory of the existence of a second sheet of paper with the interpretation of the Secret.”

A Resort to Brute Force

Catholic Family News editor John Vennari noted, “The September 21 event at the Urbaniana seemed to be an attempt by Bertone to use the sheer weight of Vatican power and prestige to make the case that the entire Secret is revealed.

“Bertone’s flight from Socci and Paolini, his refusal to answer honest questions, and the brutal treatment these two journalists received by Vatican Security cannot but add to the conviction that Bertone has something to hide regarding the Third Secret’s full disclosure,” Vennari said.

“This is not the first time this type of incident has happened,” says Coralie Graham, editor of The Fatima Crusader. “They appear to be willing to use brute force to silence the messengers. Antonio Socci is now receiving the ‘Father Gruner’ treatment by being unjustly bad-mouthed by Vatican officials, and suffering violence at the hands of Vatican security men. What are they afraid of?”

Mrs. Graham noted that in 1992, Father Gruner was attacked at the Fatima Shrine by men employed by the Shrine because the Rector did not like the honest questions Father Gruner raised regarding the Third Secret and the Consecration of Russia.

Bertone Imposes His Personal
Opinion On the Church

Father Gruner, who heads up the Fatima Center, said, “It is clear that now more than ever we must pray for Benedict XVI. We must recall that Jesus Himself told Sister Lucy of Fatima, ‘Pray much for the Holy Father’.

“Pope Benedict has been put into a very awkward position because Cardinal Bertone has painted both himself and the Vatican into a corner. That is because Bertone persists in his personal opinion, that there is nothing else to the Third Secret than what he has already announced to the world.

“Upon study of Bertone’s book and his TV appearance of almost two hours last May 31, it emerges that his position is completely untenable, unbelievable and entirely unnecessary. His cover-up becomes even more tenuous with the statement of Archbishop Capovilla (who is still alive, and who is a primary witness to the Third Secret of Fatima) on audiotape saying that there is indeed ‘an attachment’ to what Cardinal Bertone insists is all there is.

“Thus it is clear that the Cardinal’s cover-up of the whole Third Secret is unraveling before our eyes. That ‘attachment’ Capovilla refers to, of course, is nothing else but the words of Our Lady — the rest of the Third Secret.”

The Faithful Have a
Right to Know

Father Gruner continues: “People ask me, ‘how can Bertone still insist that there is nothing more to the Third Secret?’ He is doing this with the mental reservation, ‘that is all there is in my opinion’ but he doesn’t say ‘in my opinion’. He doesn’t tell us the basis of his opinion. However, it is clear that it is only his personal opinion that the rest of the Third Secret is not authentic, because it does not conform to his pre-conceived ideas. One can deduce that this is his view from his TV appearance of May 31st, 2007.

“We must pray that Pope Benedict stops Bertone's charade by releasing the rest of the Third Secret to the world.

“Pope Benedict needs many prayers to fulfill this express order of Our Lady of Fatima that the whole Third Secret be released to all of the faithful.

“By his obedience to the Mother of God, the Queen of Heaven, not only will Pope Benedict restore moral authority and credibility to the Vatican. He will also deliver Our Lady’s most salutary words to the world, which is threatened, as John Paul II noted, by ‘apocalyptic menaces looming over mankind’ and these threatened chastisements are coming closer every day.”

End of Special Report

For more information documenting there is a second text of the Third Secret:

See “A Reserved Note of L.F. Capovilla” (on page 25 of Issue 87 of The Fatima Crusader for this original document in Italian and page 27 for the English translation), which is the Italian text given in July 2006 by Archbishop Capovilla to Dr. Solideo Paolini proving that the date of June 27, 1963 was when Paul VI read the text of the Third Secret for the first time. That is different from the date of March 27, 1965 given by Bertone as the date when Paul VI first read the Third Secret. (Capovilla’s document — both the original Italian and the English translation — is available on the web at archive.fatima.org/it/news/itnote_capovilla.asp and archive.fatima.org/news/newsviews/092707capovilla.asp).

Capovilla, in July 2006, told Paolini that both dates are correct because there are two envelopes and two texts. Capovilla sealed his written text with his personal seal, as you can see in this attachment. The English translation is The Fatima Center’s own.

(See also “Declaration of Dr. Solideo Paolini” on page 22 of Issue 87 of The Fatima Crusader for more information regarding this topic.)

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