Vatican Bodyguards Rough Up
Socci and Paolini

Bertone Refuses any Challenge regarding the
Third Secret

By John Vennari

September 24: This story comes in from our contact in Rome who received the information first-hand from Socci and Paolini.

On Friday, September 21, a special event was held at the Pontifical Urbaniana University in Rome near the Vatican. Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone conducted a formal presentation of his book The Last Seer of Fatima which propounds the entire Third Secret has been revealed.

Scores of VIPs attended the presentation, including the former Mayor of Rome, the Vice Minister of Government, Vatican Cardinals, bankers, Bishop Serafim da Souza of Fatima, and many others. The auditorium, which seats about 400, was nearly full.

Italian journalists Antonio Socci and Solideo Paolini, who both published books arguing the full Secret is not yet revealed, went to the event.

Socci, who in his book The Fourth Secret of Fatima, challenges the Vatican position, has been denied all access to Cardinal Bertone. Throughout the writing of the book unto the present, Cardinal Bertone has refused to speak with him; despite the fact that Socci and Bertone previously had been on friendly terms.

Even on May 31 when Cardinal Bertone appeared on the television program Porta a Porta to deny the premise of Socci’s book, Socci was not allowed on the program, though other journalists who knew far less about Fatima appeared on the set to interview the Cardinal.

Socci later learned from the television station that Bertone made it clear he wanted no challenges to his position on the broadcast.

Thus Socci and Paolini headed out to Cardinal Bertone’s presentation at the Urbaniana. They hoped to have some of their questions answered.

The two journalists entered the auditorium; the Cardinal had not yet arrived. Socci went to speak with Father Frederico Lombardi, Director of the Vatican Press Office, to request permission to ask Cardinal Bertone some questions.

Father Lombardi, who knows who Socci is, vehemently refused, saying the Cardinal will not be answering any questions tonight. There will be no question and answer session.

Socci and Paolini then left the auditorium to stand at the main entrance of the hall where Bertone would enter, in the hope of intercepting the prelate on his way in. Other journalists were present, and were aware that Socci was there.

Upon Bertone’s arrival, and seeing Socci at the entrance, the Cardinal immediately changed his route and went in another access. The journalists seeing Bertone’s retreat questioned Socci about Bertone and the Secret, to which Socci replied.

Vatican Security immediately swooped down on Socci commanding him to cease speaking with the press. Socci responded that he was a journalist not causing any problems for anyone, it was a public place and he had a right to be there.

Vatican Security then harshly demanded that Socci leave and began pushing him. This happened in front of the journalists to whom Socci was speaking. At this time Paolini was forcefully attacked by the bodyguards who snatched Paolini’s cell phone from his hands yelling to him “Don’t register” (“don’t record the incident”). The attack left several bruises on Paolini’s hand.

Socci and Paolini then withdrew from the university, as it was obvious they would not be readmitted to the auditorium. Paolini immediately recorded a formal statement detailing what had occurred.

The September 24 Il Riformista, reporting on the event, spoke of the existence of a tape made by Solideo that contains Capovilla’s true statements about the Secret, in contradiction to the appearance of retraction suddenly coming now from Capovilla ten months after the fact, and instigated, no doubt, due to Vatican pressure. Paolini had previously let it be known that he “had everything on tape and would give it to the press”, so the bodyguards, Paolini believes, were particularly nervous about his presence there at Bertone’s event.

This episode is the latest in a long series of questionable Vatican behaviors regarding Fatima and the Third Secret.

Cardinal Bertone, the Vatican Secretary of State, is one of the most powerful men in all of Europe. Why is he so terrified of Socci? Why will he not simply answer the reasonable questions Socci wants to ask regarding the many discrepancies of Bertone’s explanation of the Secret?

The September 21 event at the Urbaniana seemed to be an attempt by Bertone to use the sheer weight of Vatican power and prestige, surrounded by dignitaries of the Vatican and Italy, to make the case that the entire Secret is revealed.

Yet this same Bertone runs like a scared rabbit from two journalists who want him to answer specific questions regarding inconsistencies and contradictions in the Cardinal’s public statements on the Secret.

Bertone’s flight from Socci and Paolini, his refusal to answer honest questions, and the brutal treatment these two journalists received by Vatican Security personnel cannot help but add to the conviction that Bertone has something to hide regarding the full truth about the Third Secret’s full disclosure.

Major Italian newspapers such as Corriere della Serra, and Il Riformista reported on the event and on the fact that Socci was refused access to the Cardinal.

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