Re: Leading American Catholic Writer accuses Vatican Second-in-command of Cover-Up and Deception

This e-mail is to alert you [the various media] to a breaking story, which cannot fail to interest and then shock and provoke your audience, Catholics and non-Catholic alike.

The Secret Still Hidden, set for publication on May 8th, is the extensively documented exposé of the Vatican’s on-going 48 year suppression of the most important part of the Third Secret revealed to Sister Lucia of Fatima.

Compared to this devious web of deceit spun by certain people in the Vatican, the fictional Da Vinci Code looks like a simple child’s mystery story!

At the center of this deception is none other than Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican Secretary of State, sometimes dubbed the Pope’s Prime Minister. His book, The Last Secret of Fatima, originally published in Italian in 2007, has now been translated into English and is slated for publication on May 6th by Doubleday. It has already been reviewed by Time.

Cardinal Bertone will be visiting Washington DC and New York, along with Pope Benedict XVI, from April 15th to 20th inclusive. Interviewing him on this subject, or, better yet, arranging for him to confront his accuser, would make for riveting television!

The lawyer-cum-investigative journalist who wrote The Secret Still Hidden is Christopher A. Ferrara, President and Chief Counsel of the American Catholic Lawyers Association. Mr. Ferrara is also a well-known commentator for a number of Catholic journals.

Christopher Ferrara’s new book, The Secret Still Hidden, meticulously examines and thoroughly documents the many recent admissions, inadvertent disclosures, inconsistencies and sudden about-faces which characterize the statements of Cardinal Bertone on the Third Secret.

Ferrara arrives at the inescapable conclusion that there is a separate text of the words of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Third Secret which has been suppressed by powerful people in the Vatican, led by the same Cardinal Bertone, possible successor to Pope Benedict XVI.

Christopher Ferrara is a skilled trial lawyer and would welcome the opportunity to discuss the issues with the media, or debate them with Cardinal Bertone, for the sake of the whole world learning the truth; which in this case is so powerful, so awesome, and so (to use the word of former Cardinal Ratzinger, now Benedict XVI) “sensational”.

If you wish to see Attorney Ferrara speaking on Bertone’s Third Secret cover-up go to

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