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Each Cardinal-elector received a hand-delivered letter signed by The Fatima Center clergy imploring the Cardinals to ask that the full Third Secret of Fatima be disclosed to the conclave before a new Pope is chosen.

Father Gruner's international Fatima apostolate has long insisted that what Fatima experts acknowledge as an “attachment” to the vision published in June 2000 contains the words of the Blessed Mother explaining the meaning of the vision and warning of dangers threatening the Church. These dangers come from within the Church itself, from the highest levels, according to those who have read the hidden part of the Secret, including Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone has insisted that any such document faulting the Vatican hierarchy could not possibly be authentic, as the Blessed Mother would never be critical of the Roman Curia. This baseless claim makes approval of the conduct and policies of the all-too-fallible Vatican administrators and bureaucrats, headed by the Secretary of State, the test of authenticity. The Cardinals are asked to reject that claim as spurious and to demand that the hidden text — the “attachment” — be given to them, either before or during the conclave.

Father Gruner and his colleagues insist that the importance of fulfilling the requests of Our Lady of Fatima be a determining factor in the selection of the new Pope. They recommend that the new Holy Father should be chosen from among those Cardinals who have the moral courage to oppose those who would bury the Message of Fatima and to lead the bishops in performing the Consecration of Russia, as the Blessed Mother requested. Full disclosure of the Third Secret should be considered an essential prerequisite to an informed vote.

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