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Unprecedented Variety of Speakers
at Upcoming Fatima Conference

Fatima: The Path To Peace! is a spectacular week-long conference slated for September 8 - 13, 2013 in Niagara Falls, Ontario. In some ways it is the most ambitious conference yet organized by The Fatima Center.

The most striking aspect of this event is the wide variety of speakers; at least 27 in all. Never before has such an assortment of personalities been assembled by our Apostolate.

Take a quick look at the diverse lineup: Well-known names such as Father Nicholas Gruner, Father Paul Kramer, Christopher Ferrara, Dr. Brian McCall, Michael Matt, John Salza, Dr. Peter Chojnowski, John Vennari, Cornelia Ferreira, Robert Sungenis, Dr. Paul Byrne, and a number of others whom you have not seen at such a conference before.

All speakers share one thing in common: a keen understanding that the nations of the world suffer profound disorder, that evil and shocking immorality are on the rise, that war and violence steadily increase, that the stability of our entire social order is at stake, and that a solution to the present chaos is of utmost necessity.

Fatima: The Path To Peace! is directed toward all men of good will, and there will be something of interest for everyone; but it is especially directed towards those in the media and civil government. Thus we have gathered speakers from various fields of expertise to address concerns of politicians and media men.

The conference also includes pro-life warrior Joe Scheidler who will speak on Abortion, Forty Years on the Battle Front; and keynote speaker Congressman Ron Paul who has opposed recent US military interventions as being at variance with Just War principles, and who calls for an end to the Federal Reserve, which imperils the economic stability of the nation by printing money out of thin air.

Is every single speaker at this conference Catholic? No. Most are, but a small number are not. Does every speaker agree with each other on every single issue in detail? No. There are even those among our speakers who have publicly disagreed with one another on this point or that. Yet all, Catholic or not, have agreed to participate at this historic event that openly and unabashedly presents obedience to Our Lady of Fatima as the one true path to Peace.

To answer a question we have already received: No, this conference is not an “ecumenical” event in any way. It is a collection of experts speaking in their various areas of competence, held at a Conference Center (not a church), that details the grave state of the world, and that ultimately promotes the Catholic solution for world peace given by Our Lady of Fatima Herself.

The conference is also aimed at Civil Leaders of good will. In fact, The Fatima Center now has a motion before the European Union Parliament urging MEPs to formally request the Pope to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and various European civic leaders are involved in this project (see The Fatima Crusader, Issue 104, Winter 2013). Building on this initiative, the Niagara Falls Conference aims to alert political leaders of the gravity of today’s crises in the world with lectures given by a wide variety of speakers from different areas of expertise. The conference’s goal is to demonstrate that the only true answer lies in Our Lady of Fatima’s Plan for Peace.

As our literature states, the Fatima: The Path To Peace! conference is a call to a return to sanity in the government of the world and the Church, for the two cannot be separated. The first step on that road to return is for all leaders – in the nations and in the Church – to realize we have been given a guaranteed solution to the many problems that confront us. If the Pope and the bishops, in unison, consecrate Russia – by name – to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Our Lady has promised that Russia will be converted and that a period of peace will be granted to the world.

The speakers will present a myriad of topics, from the spiritual life and the Rosary, to steps on effective Catholic Action, to warnings regarding the diabolic disorientation in contemporary Family, Church and State.

Please let us know if you have not received your flyer on this magnificent symposium. You can also get details from our new conference webpage:

Thank you for your continuing support, as this conference is remarkably demanding on our workers and resources. We hope to see you in Niagara Falls.

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