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It’s Easy! Sign Up for Our
“Fatima: The Path to Peace!” Conference

Q: How do I sign up for “Fatima: The Path to Peace!”?

A: It’s easy. We have a variety of plans to fit everyone’s needs and budget.

Q. What do you mean by “variety”?

A: Our price range includes everything from a deluxe weeklong package from approximately $1750.00 for the entire week to a one-day admission for $10.00.

Q: What are the various packages?

A: You have a choice of various hotel packages from $749.00 for the week to $1749.00 for the week. Price difference is based on hotel and “view from the room”, the rooms overlooking the beautiful Niagara Falls are the most desirable and thus the more highly priced.

Q: What if I canít come for the entire week but only for a day or two?

A: We have a special price for you as well. If you want a hotel room and lunch, it is $150.00 per day. But, if you only want a day at the conference, it is only $10.00 per day per person.

Q: Does this include lunch?

A: No, the single day plus lunch package is $40.00 per day. This includes every conference on a given day (except Dr. Ron Paul) plus lunch.

Q: Is there a webpage I can go to that spells all this out?

A: Yes. Please go to our conference registration webpage at:

Q: What advantage is there for coming to the conference?

A: You will be privileged to be part of a unique event that boasts a variety of speakers speaking on vital issues of the day and the only true answer – obedience to Our Lady of Fatima. The conference will be highly informative and enjoyable. Also, our last seven conferences were held in Europe or elsewhere overseas, so we decided to hold this latest one in North America to make it as easy as possible for our many friends on this side of the Atlantic to attend.

Q: Anything else?

A: The conference is also an opportunity to meet and get to know like-minded Catholics. The camaraderie at these conferences is always first rate and fun. We hope to see you in September.

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