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Mary Sedore in Rome — always with a smile and that
mischievous gleam in her eye.

Aud Lang Syne — A Tribute to Mary Sedore, RIP

December 18, 2013

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Mary Sedore, a long time and devoted member of Our Lady’s apostolate.

Mary was taken to her eternal reward at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, December 1, 2013. The time of her passing was significant. Mary had been fighting a very painful battle against cancer and traveled the path of Christ, along with Him in her agony, fittingly “giving up the ghost” at the precise time that Christ died on the Cross.

Right up to the end, though deep in pain, Mary never gave up kneeling at her bedside to pray her Rosary. She is a witness to our faith, setting an example for us all as we sometimes bypass the bended knee and finishing our prayers – because we feel weary.

When Mary saw someone troubled – she lifted their spirits – not just by pity – but she passed on her strength and her faith – often heard saying “Get a grip!” and “Offer it up”. No, Mary did not dispense pity, she lifted us up from our own pity with a loving compassion and faith. She brought a smile to a troubled face.

Mary leading one of the several pilgrimages she conducted for the apostolate.

It did not matter to Mary what your rank or serial number was — she treated everyone the same and they loved her for it — even Patriarchs, Cardinals, Bishops and Priests. She could make the highest of rank chuckle and smile. At every Bishops World Peace conference — among the clergy as well as laypeople — there was always a resounding, “Where’s Mary?”.

One of Mary’s fearless acts of devotion to the leader of The Fatima Center will never be forgotten. When Father Nicholas Gruner was accompanying an ailing Cardinal in a procession at Fatima in 1992, Father Gruner was attacked and badly bruised. Mary was providentially on the scene. God knew Mary would take care of it. Mary ran to assist Father Gruner as he had been slammed against the wall. She gave the curator, the guards, everyone involved, a tongue lashing I dare say they will never forget.

Mary loved Our Lady. She was always heard to say — “Twenty-five years ago I volunteered to help out for a couple of weeks at the apostolate — and I’m still here!” Once Our Lady draws us in, She never wants to let us go. And that was the case with Mary.

At all our Bishops Conferences, Mary always recited her favorite prayer (below).

At every Bishop Conference Mary always assisted in opening the conference by sharing her dearest prayer:

Take my hand, O Blessed Mother, Hold me firmly lest I fall;
I am nervous when I’m walking, And to Thee I humbly call;
Guide me over every crossing, Watch me when I’m on the stairs;
Let me know that You’re beside me, Listen to my fervent prayer;
Bring me to my destination, Safely bring me, every day;
Help me with each undertaking, As the hours pass away;
So, when evening falls upon us, And I fear to be alone;
Take my hand, O Blessed Mother, Once again and lead me home.

That prayer is on her memorial card and it is her last prayer she would want to share with us, her way of helping us face our trials even after she has moved on.

Please pray for the repose of her soul and remember her in your Rosary. That is what she would wish as a parting gift from you.

May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the Mercy of God rest in peace.

God bless you, Mary, and don’t forget our childhood song. “If you get to Heaven before I do, please dig a hole and pull me through.”

Coralie Graham,
Editor, The Fatima Crusader

Children loved Mary. Here she engages in an animated
discussion with our youngest volunteer.


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