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Fatima Shoppe is dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima, Who not only brings us a Message for world peace, but also for our salvation. Befittingly, on September 8th, we had a procession in honor of Her birthday, in which over 300 devotees joined in Her Rosary procession.

It was this profession of faith and of love and devotion to the Mother of God and our Holy Catholic Faith, and the Law of God placed in our hearts, that inspired the selection of the OVER ONE HUNDRED NEW SOLID CATHOLIC BOOKS to add on to the many other Treasures on Fatima Shoppe.

Please! Don’t treat Fatima Shoppe as a list of “things to do” or to put on a shelf until you have time.

This is your own “Spiritual Treasure Chest” full of Heaven’s gifts for you and your loved ones and neighbors — treasures that will last a life-time. Your questions will be answered, your sought after peace of soul, your quests for deeper spirituality and understanding — you will find by perusing through the multitude of inspiring books on Fatima Shoppe.

And — amidst them, God has reserved a special treasure for “you”. You will find, as you read through the various book descriptions, a particular one that will tug at your heart and soul — that is the one God picked for YOU.

Beginning at Christmas and for all seasons throughout the year — the gift of a sound Catholic book, a pure gift of love, may plant the mustard seed of faith that a soul dear to you has been waiting for — a gift that will never wear out and will last a lifetime.

As the world falls into more and more confusion and diabolical disorientation — your Catholic Faith will carry you through. Take advantage of the vast amount of Church teachings and inspiring readings.

Arm yourself with the truth:
- Learn your Faith,
- Profess your Faith,
- Pass on your Faith.

All proceeds from the purchase of these treasures will help to continue the work in Our Lady’s vineyard of spreading the full Fatima Message and thereby hasten the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.

Pray a Hail Mary before you begin to read, to obtain a greater grace of understanding and fidelity to Jesus and Mary. You can help others too — by telling your friends about Fatima Shoppe. May God bless you and Our Lady keep you safe under Her holy mantle.

With love and prayers from your friends at Fatima Shoppe


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