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An Interview with
Our Lady’s Apostolate in Rome

Pope Francis and the Campaign for the Consecration of Russia

1. Please tell us about the campaign you now have in Rome?

On October 13th Pope Francis will consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. An estimated 250,000 people are expected to gather in St. Peter’s Square to assist at the Papal Mass during which the consecration will take place. Since the upcoming Consecration was announced, Father Gruner, Fatima Center staff (Canadian and Rome offices) and volunteers in both countries have been working to seize the moment — building on the media coverage and renewed interest in the Fatima Message and Marian consecration — to remind the Pope, the Church, Rome and the world of the one, necessary Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope with all the Catholic bishops.

2. Tell us about the Trotters.

The trotters (see photo below) have been covering the streets closest to the Vatican, Rome’s other busiest streets and the city’s most populated areas during the past week. The trotters have led to phone calls and emails regarding the October 13th consecration, but also asking about Russia’s role.

Trotter spreads the full Fatima Message throughout Rome.

3. Tell us about L’Osservatore di Fatima.

L’Osservatore di Fatima, or “The Fatima Observer”, is a 12-page brochure printed in newspaper form. Its articles highlight Our Lady’s apparitions, the request and need for the Consecration of Russia, why Heaven chose Russia specifically, our efforts over the past year including “making the case” for the Consecration through a petition and presentation at the European Parliament, and much more.

4. How many are printed and how are you distributing this journal?

200,000 were printed. They are being distributed by staff and volunteers over a four-day period outside of the Vatican, on street corners, outside of churches, businesses, and also delivered directly to homes and apartment buildings.


Our L’Osservatore di Fatima is now published and being distributed throughout Rome.

5. What is the response to the journal and the trotters?

Positive. Many Romans and other Italians (not to mention clergy) never knew about the request for the Consecration of Russia, and many have forgotten even Our Lady’s apparitions at Fatima or aren’t familiar with the message.

6. Has the press picked it up? Did you send L’Osservatore di Fatima to the press?

Yes, the Italian press has already begun to cover our efforts. We’ve made L’Osservatore di Fatima available to the press on our Italian website for easy coverage.

7. Are the world’s bishops involved in the October 13 consecration?

No, as far as we’ve been able to tell, no explicit request or invitation was made on the part of the Pope or the Vatican, to the bishops to join (whether in St. Peter’s Square or in their home dioceses).

8. Have you heard any word that Pope Francis may include Russia in his October 13 consecration?

There has been no indication.

9. What about your campaign urging people to send an email to the Pope requesting the Consecration? We understand that as of Wednesday you had over 3000 people send the request to the Pope to specifically consecrate Russia. Comments?

Yes, and every petition counts. Also thousands of petitions sent to our offices in Canada and America, were brought over to Rome to be hand-delivered to the Vatican. Every petition counts. The Pope, as our spiritual father, is duty-bound to hear the voices of his children. The Consecration doesn’t just concern the Church, it concerns all of mankind because the very future of humanity is at stake.

10. Will you be there at the Vatican for the Consecration of the World on October 13?

Father Gruner will be in St. Peter’s Square for the Consecration and joined by several EU parliamentarians, Italian provincial representatives, mayors, other politicians, and 100 other faithful — Italians, Americans and Canadians.


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