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Fort Erie, Ontario – September 7, 2013.  The head of The Fatima Center, Father Nicholas Gruner, stressed today the purpose of the upcoming “Fatima: The Path to Peace!” conference at the Scotiabank Convention Center in Niagara Falls, Ontario, which begins on Sunday, September 8.

“Following a series of distractions from the near-hysterical liberal media, it is time to get back ‘on message’ and emphasize what this conference is all about: world peace through the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart Mary, which She Herself requested in the Fatima message. That is what the Catholic speakers all have in common, no matter what their views on other subjects.”

Father Gruner noted that the Pope has just completed a worldwide day of prayer and fasting for the intention of avoiding war in Syria.  “Pope Francis’ Friday message regarding the threat of war invoked the very theme of our conference. As the Pope said: ‘Let us ask Mary to help us to respond to violence, to conflict and to war, with the power of dialogue, reconciliation and love. She is our Mother: may She help us to find peace; all of us are Her children!’”

“Indeed, Mary is our Mother — the Mother of the Redeemer — and thus the Mother of all humanity,” said Father Gruner.  “And She can indeed help us find peace.  The Catholic Church calls Her the very Queen of Peace, and She gave the whole world a peace plan at Fatima. That is what the Message of Fatima is all about.”

The Message of Fatima is contained in a series of Church-approved apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary to three shepherd children at Fatima, Portugal in 1917. Two of the children, Francisco and Jacinta, were beatified — declared blessed, the final step before canonization — by Pope John Paul II. The last surviving Fatima visionary, Sister Lucia, died in 2005.  In the Message, the Virgin promises a period of world peace if and when Russia is specifically consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart, which ceremony would, the Virgin said, bring about the religious conversion of Russia and with it a time of peace for all humanity

“God has chosen Russia as the object of this consecration because Russia is where so much of the suffering of the 20th century began, following the Bolshevik Revolution,” Father Gruner noted.  “Furthermore, Our Lady warns that if Her request for the Consecration is not heeded, the world will face even worse chastisements than the two world wars, including what She warned would be the ‘annihilation’ of ‘various nations.’”

“In fact,” said Father Gruner, “Pope Francis has had his entire pontificate consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima by the bishops of Portugal.  This shows how seriously the Pope takes the Fatima message, as did his two predecessors, who both made pilgrimages to Fatima.”  

On October 13 Pope Francis will consecrate the world to Mary in a public ceremony before the original statue of Our Lady of Fatima flown from Portugal to Rome for this ceremony. “We are hoping and praying that the Pope will consecrate Russia specifically to Mary, since this, not a consecration of the world, is what She requested,” Father Gruner observed.  “And anyone can see that Russia has yet to be converted and there is obviously no world peace. Furthermore, as we begin this conference the USA and Russia seem to be willing to trigger events that could bring on World War III over Syria.” 

I invite members of the press who are capable of objectivity and honest reporting to attend our conference and listen to what the participants actually say about the problem of achieving peace in the world. It all involves the Message of Fatima, Father Gruner concluded.

The Fatima Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of the Message of Fatima and its request for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.



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