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For faithful Catholics subjected to the endless stream of disinformation coming from the secular media, journalism from the traditional Catholic perspective offers the only source of reliable reporting on what is happening in the world and the Church.

So pervasive is liberal ideology that it even colors many of the official communications coming out of the Vatican, such as the articles in L’Osservatore Romano that favor pro-abortion President Barack Obama and give favorable reviews to morally questionable entertainment.

Among the beacons of truth shining in the darkness of the post-Vatican II epoch are The Remnant and Catholic Family News. Like voices crying in the wilderness, these publications have been speaking the truth, in season and out of season, no matter what the cost.

Fatima: The Path to Peace!” is pleased to have the editors of these stalwart Catholic periodicals among our many celebrated speakers who will address our conference.

MICHAEL MATT, editor of The Remnant, comes from a long line of Catholic journalists and has long been in the forefront of the fight for Catholic Tradition. His critiques of modern culture are hard-hitting and insightful. His talk for the conference is titled, “Will There Be Martyrs?” and will focus on the growing vilification of Catholic morality and belief in the modern liberal democracies of the West.

JOHN VENNARI, editor of Catholic Family News, has written hundreds of articles defending Catholic doctrine from those within the Church who are trying to replace the traditional Faith with a new ecumenical religion. His topic is “Dedication: Learning from the Enemy.” Mr. Vennari is an expert in the tactics of modernists within the Church and pagans without, and he will offer us insights on how we can fight and win this battle for the Faith.

Both Mr. Matt and Mr. Vennari are devoted to Our Lady of Fatima and know the importance of obeying Our Lady’s commands. They will join our other speakers in making the case that only Our Lady can help us at this point in our history.

Fatima: The Path to Peace!” will take place from September 8 - September 13 in Niagara Falls, Canada. The public is invited. The conference talks will also be available to be seen at See below for more information.


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