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That the world is on the brink of economic collapse and facing unprecedented violence is undeniable. And as with any crisis, causes are sought in the hope that once the source of a problem is identified, a solution may be found.

But in searching for the cause of our present global malaise, governments and their experts look to every quarter — political, financial, military — except the one that matters the most: spiritual.

Fatima: The Path to Peace!will convene many high-profile speakers from every walk of life with the intention of examining the ills that afflict humanity from a spiritual perspective.

The fact is that history is not the unfolding of a purely human drama whose course is entirely determined by what men call “natural causes.” History is first, last and always, salvation history. So what is unfolding before us is nothing less than the battle for souls.

On one side of the battle is satan; on the other, Our Lord. But Our Lord has designated His Blessed Mother as She under whose banner this present war is to be fought and won. He has given us Our Lady of Fatima as our champion — and our only recourse.

And Our Lady has specified the means by which Her indispensable help can be obtained: the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart by the Pope and the bishops. This is the solution that will be put forth at Fatima: The Path to Peace!.

Of our many distinguished speakers, two have been indefatigable warriors in Our Lady’s cause:

FATHER NICHOLAS GRUNER: Head of The Fatima Center, publisher of The Fatima Crusader and author of World Enslavement or Peace.

FATHER PAUL KRAMER: Editor of The Devil’s Final Battle and author of The Mystery of Iniquity.

These two intrepid defenders of the truth pull no punches in their frank assessment of the condition of the Church and the world, nor in their prescription of the one and only remedy for all the ills that beset us.

Fatima: The Path to Peace! will take place from September 8 to September 13 in Niagara Falls, Canada. The public is invited. The conference talks will also be available at See below for more information.

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