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We are now posting our latest set of “Your Questions Answered by Father Gruner”.

Please tune in each day, Monday through Friday, where we post a new episode.

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  • YQA 072 - Fatima Water (posted March 27)
  • YQA 073 - Fr. Gruner is NOT Suspended, Part 1 (posted March 28)
  • YQA 074 - Fr. Gruner is NOT Suspended, Part 2 (posted March 31)
  • YQA 075 - Fr. Gruner is NOT Suspended, Part 3 (posted April 1)
  • YQA 076 - When the Pope First Learned about the Consecration
  • YQA 077 - The Latin Mass at Fisher More College
  • YQA 078 - Catholic Students at Fisher More College
  • YQA 079 - The Luminous Mysteries; Why Not?
  • YQA 080 - Why are Bishops Mute on Consecration?
  • YQA 081 - What about Natural Family Planning?
  • YQA 082 - What about Vital Organ Donation?
  • YQA 083 - How Do the Saints See Jesus in Heaven?
  • YQA 084 - Taize and Ecumenism
  • YQA 085 - The Limitations of Papal Infallibility
  • YQA 086 - The 100 Year Time Limit Regarding the Consecration?

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