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Church and the World on the Brink!
Fatima Prophecies Unfolding!

That the world is on the brink of unprecedented violence is more than speculation: it is a universal fact-based fear that is palpable and undeniable. It no longer rests on prophecy alone. Daily events move us ever closer to a cataclysm that will engage the major military forces of the world.

Our Lady of Fatima warned us that if She were not obeyed, “nations will be annihilated.” (See:  “Prophecies Already Fulfilled: The Four Chastisements”.) One might argue that nations are shifting political or geographical entities, and the map of the world never remains the same from one generation to the next. But the word “nation” refers to the peoples of that nationality. For example, Poland as a country ceased to exist from 1795 to 1919. The Polish nation (i.e. the people) was not annihilated. In 1795 the Polish nation continued to exist from then to 1919 to this day. Our Lady was certainly talking about something other than the usual geopolitical shifts and reconfigurations that history continually presents. Her words imply a sudden violence. And such a reading is further supported by what Our Lady told Sister Agnes at Akita, Japan in 1973 (see:  “Our Lady of Akita”).

That the Message of Akita is a further explanation of part of the Message of Fatima is widely accepted by those who have carefully studied these two Church-approved apparitions. Indeed, it is argued that Akita is a disclosure of part of the hidden part of the Third Secret of Fatima. (See:  “World War III and Worse?” and The Fatima Crusader, Issue #107.)

The annihilation of nations Our Lady warned us about — referring to the peoples of various nations being wiped out — may have already begun with the rise of the new Islamic State (ISIS), which is intent on killing all who do not agree with them.

The Holy Father recently made the shocking claim that World War III is beginning now, in piecemeal fashion. (See: “Pope Francis Warns ‘Piecemeal’ World War III Has Begun”.) The implication is that local wars will eventually coalesce into large regional conflicts that will inevitably engage the major powers. Along with the Middle East, Ukraine is an example of this process now taking place.

Russia’s expansion into its former territories, such as Crimea, is being accompanied by a growing threat to use nuclear weapons should the West try to encircle Russia by NATO deployments or destroy her economy through sanctions. 

But as frightening as are Our Lady’s predictions about the annihilation of nations, even more disturbing are the words with which She begins the Third Secret: “In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved…” Why single out Portugal unless that nation were to be an exception? Our Lady is clearly telling us that disobedience to Her commands will not only lead to worldly chastisements, but to a very widespread collapse of Faith.

The message of Akita supports this conclusion, as Our Lady told Sister Agnes that a time would come when Cardinals would oppose Cardinals and bishops oppose bishops. Our Lady said that those priests who honor Her would be mocked by their fellow priests. The dogged persecution of Father Nicholas Gruner for his fidelity to Our Lady of Fatima is a stark illustration of the realization of this prophecy. What could precipitate such a situation other than a massive loss of Faith among the hierarchy?

As of this writing, the Synod on the Family is concluding in Rome. Not since the Arian heresy in the 4th Century has traditional Church teaching been under such shocking attack by the very bishops pledged to defend and propagate it (see:  “Synod Nods to Sin of Sodom”).

It is reported that while some bishops are exuberant about casting off the Church’s immemorial teaching on marriage, adultery, fornication and homosexuality, other bishops are weeping as they witness what they always believed to be impossible: a Pope presiding over a synod that repudiates, de facto if not de jure, the moral teachings of the Church that are the very foundations of family life and purity. (See:  “The Secret Synod Does What We Expected: Evil”.)

There is now much dispute over the documents issuing from the synod that purport to summarize its proceedings. Some bishops deny that they represent the majority opinion of the assembly. In practical terms, such a question is academic at this point. The damage has been done and no quibbling about documents can repair it. What we need is a crusade of prayer and penance.

Bishops and priests and laity who have been eager to cast off the Church’s unpopular teaching that sacramental marriage is indissoluble, that adultery and fornication are mortal sins, and that homosexual acts gravely pervert the very order of creation now feel vindicated in either abandoning such teaching, or even condemning it as out of step with the Church’s new “pastoral” approach.

To talk about sexual sin or perversion will now be equated with a failure in fraternal charity, a “Pharisee-ism” that is at odds with the central message of the Gospels, which is “love”. But love without truth is not love.  It is a false sentimentality, often rooted in a desire to avoid conflict or condemnation. It is what is called the sin of human respect, which prefers the approbation of men to the will of God.

Our Lady of Fatima told us to pray very much for the Holy Father. As Pope Francis presides over what some are calling the most disastrous synod in the history of the Church, let us pray very much indeed. Only the grace of Our Lady can enlighten the Holy Father and move him to obey Her, and in that obedience rests the salvation of the world and countless souls.

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We must work and pray ever more fervently that the Holy Father and the bishops will heed the requests of Our Lady of Fatima. (See: Petition to Our Holy FatherThe Consecration of Russia and Petition to Our Holy Father — The Release of the full Third Secret.)

Read the Open Letter to Pope Francis (“Holy Father, The World Needs Your Intervention! Consecrate Russia as Our Lady Requested”), in light of Russia and the U.S., both armed with nuclear weapons, engaging in a growing conflict over events in Ukraine.

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