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Our Lady’s E-Newsletter: February 2014

FBI, Department of Justice Asked to Sever
Link with Southern Poverty Law Center

One of the more troubling features of contemporary life is the necessity to separate the ideal from the real on a more or less constant basis. It is a fatiguing exercise akin to telling yourself constantly not to believe your own eyes, except in most cases it is your own ears. Perhaps Thomas Merton summed the situation up best when he wrote that in our day, “Almost everything public is patently false.”

Among a number of prominent public falsehoods is the media’s championing of tolerance. Most every print and broadcast news outlet in the United States is now a propaganda vehicle for the left wing of the Democratic Party and should be viewed as such. And the call for tolerance is a crusade to stamp out all opposition to the Democratic Party and its agenda. As that party now controls the White House, the Senate, the federal judiciary and the Department of Justice, its alliance with the media all but locks the nation into one-party rule. Any opposition is labeled “intolerant” and subjected to media scorn, harassment by government agencies (such as the IRS) and possible legal action.

A case in point: the Federal Bureau of Investigation lists on its official website the Southern Poverty Law Center as a source for expert information on “hate crimes.” The SPLC is rather an expert of sorts: not on hate crimes, but on how to foment hatred and defame anyone who disagrees with its liberal agenda, most especially traditional Catholics. (See: “SPLC: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Hate-Mongers”.)

That Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice should give blanket credibility to this group and refer people to it as an expert resource demonstrates the SPLC is part of the push to demonize all opposition to the Left’s agenda, which includes as its main items abortion and homosexual “marriage.”

The outrage and absurdity of this endorsement of the SPLC by the Department of Justice has prompted a coalition of pro-family conservative groups, led by the Family Research Council, to request that Holder remove the link from the FBI website. (See: “Conservatives to DOJ, FBI: Stop Advancing Southern Poverty Law Center’s Anti-Christian Agenda”.)

The request is ostensibly based on the assumption that Holder is interested in justice. It seems doubtful the coalition of pro-family organizations believes this and likely only wants the request on record as a formal protest. Holder has amply demonstrated that his department is the faithful executor of any initiative that will further the Obama administration’s political agenda. Again, when looking at the Department of Justice, we must separate the ideal from the real and realize that it is the Department of Injustice in the Name of Liberalism.

The SPLC publishes an online “hate-map”. In his conviction for domestic terrorism, Floyd Lee Corkins II, the gunman who shot up the Washington, D.C.-office of the Family Research Council and wounded a security guard, said in court that he targeted the FRC because he found its name on the SPLC hate-map as a group opposed to same-sex marriage.

Other groups and individuals on the SPLC hate-map include Father Nicholas Gruner and the Fatima Center, Catholic Attorney and author Christopher A. Ferrara, Remnant Editor Michael Matt, Catholic Family News Editor John Vennari, the Society of St. Pius X — and the list goes on. Is the Department of Justice not a little concerned about the safety of these individuals in the light of the violent attack on the Family Research Council? On the contrary, it is sending people to the website so that they may identify prominent “haters” for whatever purpose they may have in mind.

The SPLC launched a smear campaign against The Fatima Center prior to its Fatima: The Path to Peace!” conference in September 2013. Its vicious and wholly unsubstantiated attacks were picked up by some major news outlets, including MSNBC TV, who took no trouble to investigate the claims but treated them as legitimate “news”. Two conference speakers withdrew in the wake of the defamatory publicity. (See: “Southern Poverty Law Center Strikes Again (Yawn)”.)

To his credit, former U.S. Rep. and presidential candidate Ron Paul, the headline speaker at Fatima: The Path to Peace!”, was undeterred, even after being attacked during an interview by an MSNBC news anchor as being associated with an “anti-Semitic” group. Paul defended The Fatima Center and denounced the “news” person for Catholic-bashing.

We know that groups such as the SPLC thrive on fomenting hatred, and all hatred is dangerous, both to the soul and to the body. It can lead to violence. Ask the guard who was shot at the Family Research Council. But the SPLC would be a relatively negligible force by itself. It is, however, now part of the mainstream power structure of the most powerful government in the world. The fact is, the Catholic Faith and those who would adhere to it are under an assault that grows bolder almost exponentially. Pope Francis is being presently feted in the media not for his defense of Catholicism, but for his criticism of its conservative defenders. He is seen as a liberal ally in the battle to discredit and dismantle Catholic doctrine.

Some wonder whether martyrdom will return. If it does, it will likely claim very few, for the vast majority of Catholics, according to polling data, can no longer separate liberalism from the Faith: they think the two are compatible, so long as you ignore the Church’s teaching on sexual morality, which is largely a fait accompli (an accomplished fact) for many of the “faithful.” And why persecute when you can just as easily co-opt? Who will stand in the way? Our bishops? How many potential martyrs are now wearing pectoral crosses? One wonders.

Sister Lucy spoke of diabolical disorientation in the Church. It’s here, and it’s growing. It mirrors the diabolical disorientation in society. The two can hardly be separated. And there is only one way to turn the face of the Church and world back toward God: Obey Our Lady of Fatima — now!

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We must work and pray ever more fervently that the Holy Father and the bishops will heed the requests of Our Lady of Fatima. (See: Petition to Our Holy Father — The Consecration of Russia and Petition to Our Holy Father — The Release of the full Third Secret.)

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