The Beauty of Thy House

“I have loved, O Lord, the beauty of Thy house;
and the place where Thy glory dwelleth.”

- Psalms 25:8

What is the beauty of the Lord’s house that so moved David to compose this sublime psalm? No structure of stone or marble, no physical altar, were in his thoughts, but rather the moral beauty of God’s law: this is where Divine glory dwells.

To appreciate moral beauty requires a refined sensibility. Refined from what? From the grossness of our desire to use the creation for our passing pleasures. For when we identify with the flesh, its satisfaction becomes paramount and all is pressed into its service. It is only in recognizing the ground of reality as spiritual that we can subordinate our desires to God’s laws. And it is this right ordering that reveals the genuine beauty of life. This right ordering is necessary in all things, but it is especially required in marriage and family life. (See:  “Beware the Divider, Already In Our Midst”.)

Society rests, not primarily upon laws enacted by men, but upon the laws written in men’s hearts by their Maker. That it is wrong to tell a lie or harm the innocent is known not only to those schooled in the Catholic Faith, but to the aborigine in the outback of Australia. Both are God’s creatures and bear His impress upon their hearts. This impress has long been called the natural law.

We are witnessing in the West an attempt to deny the reality of natural law. This attempt has been made before, as can be seen in the writings of Plato. His “Republic” begins with a prolonged discussion of whether morality (natural law) is a convention that should be bowed to publicly but disregarded privately, if one can escape the ill consequences of doing so. The sophist argues in favor of the proposition. (See:  Rome 2011 – Consecration Now! conference video, “The Media: Messenger of Truth, or Servant of Power?”.)

We appear to have stolen a march on Plato’s sophist, however, and are now at the point of discarding even a public bow to natural law. Not only is natural law considered a convention, that is, a manmade product, but it is considered a bad convention. The defense of any standard of conduct as predicated on natural law no longer holds any weight in the public square. On the contrary, its invocation is treated as a dangerous intolerance rooted in irrational religious belief. Some in the hierarchy are either cowed by this criticism or, in some measure, appear to share it. (See:  Cardinal Schönborn’s Website Promotes Gender Theory Amidst Papal Praise”.)

That marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman for the purpose of bearing and raising children is deemed a cruel prejudice that excludes “loving” unions between those who forego marriage or who practice contraception, or those who choose same-sex partners. That one should be free to divorce and remarry is already a feature of civil law in every Western nation where it was once prohibited, both by statute and custom. The most prominent odd man out in this celebration of sexual license has been the Catholic Church, long reviled by the media. That appears about to change dramatically.

With the advent of Amoris Laetitia, Pope Francis’ document on sexuality, marriage and the reception of the sacraments by those in irregular unions, the status of the Church’s immemorial teaching in all of these areas has been rendered arguable. And arguments abound! (See:  “Cardinal Caffarra Among Signatories of Declaration Upholding Church's Teaching on Marriage”.) To suggest that this was not Francis’ intention is to insult his intelligence and deny the obvious, yet there are those who will do so in a desperate attempt to keep the Pope within the fold of Catholic orthodoxy. (See:  “Desperate Nonsense from Dr. Mirus”.)

But making the sacraments available to divorced and “remarried”, co-habiting and homosexual couples is not the end-game of the Bergoglian revolution. The priesthood appears to be the prize. (See:  Tosatti & Magister See Married Priests on the Horizon”.)

Not only is the natural law to be overturned, along with the teachings of the Church based on that law and on Revelation, but the clergy itself is to be reformed. It will be, it is, being argued that celibacy is a discipline subject to change. (See:  Pope Francis wants to change two major Catholic laws he sees as ‘archaic’”.) That celibacy dates to apostolic times will be glossed over and examples of later aberrations will be marshalled to demonstrate the variable nature of the discipline.

And, of course, the main argument will be the demands of the present age: the Church must get in step with the world. (See:  “Go Forth and Promote Integral Human Development?”.) It will be pleaded that, in marrying, priests will become closer to the people to whom they minister, as they will share in their concerns. And as the priesthood becomes increasingly defined in sociological terms, the case for women priests will be advanced and appear an inevitable and necessary development.

The “Francis effect”, as the Bergoglian influence is sometimes called, has only just begun to be felt. Where it will take us, how long and how far it will be tolerated, remains to be seen. But certainly we can now witness the truth of Sister Lucy’s prediction that the final battle would be fought over marriage and the family. The battle is joined.

We can only turn to Our Lady now, pray as She asked us to do; offer sacrifices, as She asked us to do; and implore our pope and bishops to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, as She asked us to do. We have no other recourse but Our Lady of Fatima.


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