Phantom Pain

Right now, many transgendered individuals in North Carolina are living in anguish and humiliation, denied the basic right to relieve themselves in the public restrooms of their chosen gender, and the nation’s gathering outrage has assumed the form of a lawsuit against the state filed by the federal Department of Justice. At issue are the civil rights guaranteed to every American.

Oh wait! None of that is true. It’s simply being reported by the media as though it were true.

No constituency of the transgendered, nor any identified group or individual, has been in the forefront of all this media commotion about a law that simply says men should use the men’s restroom and women, the women’s restroom. But the law is routinely reported by the media as “North Carolina’s anti-LGBT law” or “the law discriminating against the transgendered” or simply, “the hate law.”

It’s astonishing to anyone with common sense that a commonsensical insistence that men stay out of the ladies’ restroom should be regarded as a violation of human dignity and freedom. It’s not so astonishing that the media should feign outrage over such “discrimination”, which is now being compared to the Jim Crow laws that once forbade blacks the use of the same facilities as white people. (See: “AG Loretta Lynch Sues NC Back, Compares Bathroom Law To Jim Crow Laws, Tells Transgenders ‘Entire Obama Admin Stands With You’…”.)

Do most blacks really identify with the transgendered? Do most blacks see the supposed moral equivalency that appears so plain to the Obama Justice Department and its subservient media?

To understand what is taking place requires that one step back from the situation as it is being presented and consider the motive behind the message.

There is quite obviously no popular outrage over the North Carolina law. In fact, the huge boycott over retailer Target’s move in the opposite direction – allowing men to enter the ladies’ restroom, so long as they say they think they are really women or, in rare cases, have had their genitals surgically mutilated to effect a “sex change” – demonstrates that public sentiment is running counter to the narrative being pushed by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the Obama administration and their entourage of political operatives and lackeys who pose as mainstream journalists. (See: “Sign the Boycott Target Pledge!”.)

So what is the motive in all of this pretended offense and absurd argument?

It goes back to the Garden of Eden. There, our troubles began when our first parents yielded to the temptation to become “as gods”. The difficulty in trying to fulfill this desire arises from the plain fact that we did not create the world: it was given to us, as it is, and we have either to conform to its laws, which will bring harmony, or oppose those laws, which will bring discord.

All of human history is but a recapitulation of that determinative moment when Eve bit the apple, so to speak. Christ’s words, “Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven”, serve as a prescription for living at peace with creation. They walk back the primeval rebellion that cast us out of paradise.

But humanity is stubborn in its mistake. Despite millennia of suffering due to our refusal to accept Divine order, we persist in our desire to become “as gods.” Hamlet’s complaint against women is really the description of a universal fault: “God has given you one face and you make yourselves another.”

Why don't we like the face God has given us? Because it reminds us that all that we have is a given: it is not of our own manufacture. This makes us dependent upon a higher power, an outside agency, and this irks our pride and our desire to be free of all constraints. But not all of our desires are consistent with reason and experience. We have a capacity for irrationality and perversity – the “mystery of iniquity” described by St. Paul.

And it is not only iniquitous, but self-evidently preposterous, to think ourselves sufficiently wise to second-guess the natural law and the giver of that law. Implicit in the argument that one is free to choose one’s gender is the repudiation of the fact that the material world is intelligently designed, and that intelligence presupposes purpose. That the design of our particular bodies is merely gratuitous and ultimately unconnected to our psychology as male or female runs counter to all experience and reason.

Yet, this desire to become “as gods” is the driving force of contemporary politics in the Western world. And the most radical claim to independence from the Divine order that we can make appears now as a rejection of our gender. “Male and female He created them,” is being replaced by the slogan, “You can be anything you want to be.” Human will is being opposed to the Divine will. The practical outcome is an attempt to make human law supersede natural law.

The Catholic Church has stood as the last great defender of natural law – until now. (See: “De Mattei - The current crisis in the context of Church history”.) With Pope Francis’ infamous declaration, “Who am I to judge?”, the last barricade against the revolution begun in Eden fell with a terrible crash. The Synod on the Family’s description of homosexual unions as having positive aspects that must be valued by the Church elaborate the Pope’s statement and extend the sentiment it expressed: homosexuality, in the eyes of many in the hierarchy, is no longer to be regarded as a disordered condition, but as an integral part of the Divine order to be appreciated and nurtured. (See: “Pope Francis Offers New Details About His Stance On LGBT People, Explains ‘Who Am I To Judge?’ Quip”.)

It was once universally accepted that sex was for the objective purpose of procreation: a man and a woman join together to make a child. Technology entered the picture and provided a way for sex to occur without the possibility of conception. Once artificial contraception was accepted as permissible, the objective purpose of sex was eclipsed by the personal motivation of the individuals engaging in sexual acts. Human desire triumphed over natural law. Or so it seemed.

The acceptance of homosexuality is the inevitable outcome of contraceptive technology. Sex, unmoored from the objective purpose of procreation, becomes a function of personal pleasure. (See: Memo to the Amoris Laetitia Whitewash Crew: You Can Stop Now.) And some find their pleasure with those of their own gender. What’s wrong with that? Who are we to judge? Why should individual liberty be restricted in sexual activity? Away with benighted laws rooted in religious bigotry! Men’s restrooms? Ladies’ restrooms? Gender fixed by biology? Outmoded conventions of a moral fascism that must be finally and forever vanquished! (See: “Obama plans new push for transgender rights in schools”.)

And so, North Carolina must be punished! Any place where traditional morality rears its old and ugly head, that head must be cut off!

And what has the Church to say about this descent into madness? Raleigh Bishop Michael Burbidge said North Carolina and federal officials should “re-examine” how LGBT bathroom issues are treated, but he makes no comment on the law. Bishop Burbidge does add that “No person should feel as though they are unwelcome in our communities of faith. This applies regardless of one’s gender or gender identity.” Note the use of the term “gender identity.”

So Bishop Burbidge does not endorse the law that men should use the men’s restroom and women, the women’s restroom, and wants the transgendered to feel “welcome.” What are we to conclude?

And what about the larger Church? What says the voice of Rome in the midst of this media-driven campaign for the final overthrow of the natural law? Read the documents of the Synod on the Family, or the Pope’s latest exhortation, The Joy of Love. Then realize how advanced is the diabolical disorientation Sister Lucy of Fatima spoke about. (See: Memo to the Amoris Laetitia Whitewash Crew: You Can Stop Now.)

The darkness is growing about us. Even the flame of truth, so long protected from the winds of the world by a faithful Church, appears to be flickering and near extinction. Our Lady told us only She can help us now. Let us pray that Her help will come soon.

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