Our Lady's E-Newsletter: April 2015

Ukraine Prepares for War;
Russia Readies Nukes

Since the so-called ceasefire agreement was signed on Feb. 12 in Minsk, fighting has continued in Ukraine, with more than 100 Ukrainian military personnel being killed and the town of Shyrokyne, near Mariupol, being virtually destroyed by heavy shelling. No estimate of casualties for the pro-Russian forces has been reported by the Western media. Both sides are admittedly preparing for the full-blown renewal of all-out combat within the next two months (see:  “Pro-Russian Rebels Told: Major Attack on Ukraine Imminent”).

The Ukrainian military is building 300 defensive fortifications, including a system of trenches on the beaches of Mariupol, the port city that is a vital link between Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. An amphibious attack by pro-Russian forces is expected. There are reports of Russian tanks and munitions flowing into Eastern Ukraine and a buildup of Russian forces on the Ukraine border. About 60,000 troops are said to be massed there. Russian officials have declined to comment.

Meanwhile, the United States is sending paratroopers from its 173rd Airborne Brigade stationed in Viacenza, Italy, to Western Ukraine to train Ukrainian troops. The U.S. paratroopers are expected to arrive by the end of April, about the time some believe an all-out war for control of the Eastern territories will erupt, with Russian forces possibly taking an active role. (See:  “U.S. paratroopers to train 900 Ukrainian soldiers starting April 20”.)

Elements of the U.S. 2nd Calvary are also being deployed in Lithuania as the Baltic nations prepare for what they see as a likely military conflict with Russia. A significant portion of the population in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are Russian speakers sympathetic to Moscow. Poland is also preparing for war and building watchtowers to keep track of developments along its border with Kaliningrad, the Russian enclave on the Baltic, where Russia has reportedly deployed Iskander nuclear missiles, a tactical weapon it has threatened to use against NATO forces. (See:  “The Baltics Are Beefing Up Amid Russia’s Nuclear War Threats”.)

All of these developments should frighten any sane observer, but there is more: the head of the European Union Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, has called for the formation of a European Union Army (see:  “German Defense Minister Supports Calls for EU Army”). The proposed 28-nation force would be headquartered in Brussels and would be in addition to NATO forces.

Proponents of the EU army point out that not all members of the European Union belong to NATO. They also want Europe to take charge of its own defense and see the formation of such a force as a hedge against EU member states falling back into the divisions of nationalism. Germany supports the formation of an EU army, which lends the idea a credibility that could make it a reality. The German defense minister has said that such a force would be in line with U.S. policy that European nations should progressively assume the burden of their own defense rather than rely on U.S. forces within a NATO coalition.

The admitted purpose of an EU army would be to contain what has been described as Russian expansionism (see:  “Spooked by Putin, EU Brass Considers a European Army”). The Western media narrative of Russian aggression in Ukraine is being invoked by Juncker and those who favor the formation of the massive military force, under the pretext that Europe is threatened by a resurgent Russian imperialism.

The call for a European Union army has provoked Russia to respond with a blunt declaration that the size of armies matters little when nuclear weapons are involved. (See:  “Russia Delivers Blunt Response to Proposed EU Army”.) Russian officials have said that rather than provide added security for Europe, a massive EU military force would be regarded by Russia as a provocation and make Europe more vulnerable to Russia’s nuclear capabilities.

One of the foremost Western experts on Russia, Professor Stephen Cohen, says that the United States and Russia are closer to war than they have ever been and characterizes the present crisis as exceeding the danger encountered during the Cuban missile crisis. (See:  “War with Russia? More Possible than Ever... (with Prof. Stephen Cohen)”.) Prof. Cohen has pointed out that both Washington and Kiev appear intent on sabotaging the Minsk ceasefire agreement and has called the U.S. policy in Ukraine “reckless.”

Cohen is professor emeritus of Russian Studies at Princeton and New York Universities and has spent more than 40 years studying Russian history. He has bluntly characterized the U.S.-led narrative of Russian aggression in the Ukraine as “malarkey” and has repeatedly criticized the “disinformation” about supposed Russian expansionism into Europe.

According to Cohen, Ukraine is involved in a civil war, which the West refuses to acknowledge, preferring instead to blame Russia. Tension between the West and Russia, Cohen says, stem from a 2013 trade proposal by the EU that sought to exclude Russia, which had been (and still remains) Ukraine’s main trading partner. Russia simply wanted to be part of any EU deal, but the West refused any accommodation.

So now the unthinkable is being thought: nuclear war. Russia sees itself as being hemmed in by NATO forces, with the U.S. military in the forefront. It is being beaten down economically through crippling sanctions imposed under Washington’s leadership and insistence. What will Russia do?

Inaction is not an option, nor is it in the Russian character. According to Prof. Cohen, war between Russia and the United States may be triggered if President Barack Obama implements a provision in the Ukraine Freedom Defense Act that allows him to send massive amounts of lethal military aid to Ukrainian forces. Then, World War III could begin in earnest.

The Fatima Center has been in the forefront in offering the facts about this situation that may lead to the destruction of the world as we know it (see:  “The World Is on the Brink of a Nuclear War”). Now, our research and warnings are being presented through sources the secular media cannot discount, although it tends to mute its coverage, or to counterbalance the truth with official government propaganda, for which it has become the conduit.

We have told you that the time is short. We have told you that the world is sleepwalking to its own destruction. We have tried to wake it up. Never have Our Lady’s prophecies of terrible chastisements that will result in the “annihilation of nations” been closer to fulfillment. We who are awake to the dangers we face must raise our voices as never before. We must also implore Heaven to send our Pope and bishops the grace to do the only thing that can avert disaster: Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary NOW!

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We must work and pray ever more fervently that the Holy Father and the bishops will heed the requests of Our Lady of Fatima. (See: Petition to Our Holy Father — The Consecration of Russia and Petition to Our Holy Father — The Release of the full Third Secret.)

We must also keep informed. Read the recent “Fatima Perspectives” (view here) and “Fatima News & Views” articles listed below.

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