Our Lady’s E-Newsletter: February 2015

Putin Says Ukraine Army Is
NATO “Foreign Legion”!

With pro-Russian forces mounting a campaign to take the key port city of Mariupol — a vital link between Eastern Ukraine and Crimea — and the United States threatening more sanctions aimed at the financial ruin of Russia, the world is moving rapidly toward an all-out conflict between Russia and the West. In other words, nuclear war. (See: “The World Is on the Brink of a Nuclear War”.)

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently addressed students in St. Petersburg. He told them that what is called the Ukrainian military is a patchwork of government forces and so-called “volunteer” groups and constitutes a NATO force whose sole aim is to diminish Russia’s power and influence. (See: “Putin: Ukraine army is NATO legion aimed at restraining Russia”).

NATO officials, of course, rejected the characterization. Meanwhile, the Ukraine Freedom Support Act (see: “Statement by the President on the Ukraine Freedom Support Act”) has authorized 350 million dollars of aid to Ukraine, including “lethal” military aid. This means that ethnic Russian forces in Eastern Ukraine (who object to the coup d’état of February 2014) may soon be killed with weapons provided by the United States. Russian government officials have said the supply of weapons from the United States to Ukrainian forces cannot go unanswered by Moscow.

Meanwhile, the United States continues to drive down the price of oil, Russia’s major source of revenue (see:  “Crashing oil prices could crush Vladimir Putin”). Putin has an ambitious military program that calls for increased spending, but lower oil prices, the crash of the ruble and sanctions imposed by the West may make it more difficult to carry out such plans. But should Russia feel itself threatened militarily, as well as economically, it could make military spending a priority. The authorization of the supply of weaponry to Ukraine from the West, as specified in the Ukraine Freedom Support Act, is seen by Russia as deliberate provocation to which it must respond. Not to do so would be tantamount to abject surrender to U.S. hegemony (see: “Ukraine act in US poses further provocation to delicate relationship”).

The Ukraine Freedom Support Act also assigns to the United States the right to sit in judgment on Russia’s economic and foreign policies. One of its provisions allows the U.S. to monitor Russian gas exports to its neighboring nations friendly to the West, including Ukraine. Should these exports decrease below levels the U.S. deems acceptable, President Obama is empowered to punish Russia with further economic sanctions. This amounts to a direct assault on the sovereignty of Russia. The U.S. has appropriated the right to determine Russian economic policy. Russia will not let this stand.

In fact, Russia has announced plans to cancel its proposed Black Sea pipeline that would bring gas to Europe and instead to build a gas depot in Turkey. (See: “Russia Presses Ahead With Plan for Gas Pipeline to Turkey”.) This could be a way for Russia to reduce its dependence on moving gas through Ukraine, thus weakening that nation’s economic importance to (and leverage on) the Russian economy. The Turkish depot would also force Europe to find its own means of moving the gas from the depot to its ultimate destinations.

Russia also signed a huge deal — $400 billion over 30 years — with China to supply that nation with natural gas (see: “Russia signs 30-year gas deal with China”). This opens up a new market for Russia that could reduce the importance of its European gas exports. And as Europe is declining economically and China is assuming the status of the world’s new manufacturing and marketing giant, the partnership with China could place Russia in a position to weather Western sanctions with increasing impunity.

The West still has considerable power to inflict economic pain on Russia, but the political calculus of the U.S. and its NATO allies makes certain assumptions that may not be justified. The West is so immersed in materialism, it cannot imagine that a nation would be willing to endure severe economic privations for the sake of something so intangible as national pride. And there is something taking place in Russia of which the West is oblivious: a growing sense of its spiritual mission in the world. (See: “Russia has experienced a spiritual resurrection”.)

We know that Russia is the key to world history in our time. Our Lady of Fatima assigned to Russia its central role, saying that it would eventually be converted after the consecration She requested was performed by the Pope and the bishops, and that conversion would usher in a period of world peace. But Our Lady also warned that should that conversion be delayed by a failure to perform the consecration, Russia would be an instrument of chastisement. (See: “Prophecies Already Fulfilled: The Four Chastisements”.)

The West shows no inclination to retreat from its fierce aggression against Russian interests in Ukraine; nor does Russia appear likely to surrender its sovereignty for the sake of its economy. The trajectory can only lead us to a widening war that will engulf the world. The Holy Father recently made the shocking claim that World War III has begun, in piecemeal fashion. (See: Fatima News & Views.) But the world does not appear to be listening. And local conflicts are growing, drawing in more nations. It is already dizzying to try to keep track of the daily battles that are raging. Unless something is done soon, World War III will graduate from piecemeal conflicts to a full conflagration.

Obedience to Our Lady of Fatima offers us the only way to avoid the “annihilation of nations” we were warned will result if the consecration of Russia is not performed in time. And time, it appears, is running out.

Vital Truth Presented in
“Looming Danger of World War III”

It is not easy to realize that we live in an atmosphere of lies. It’s not just that we are occasionally confronted with a more or less obvious fabrication, which is the inevitable product of fallen human nature; it is much more than this: We are inundated by a media presence that systematically generates false reports and repeats this disinformation relentlessly until it becomes something like the very air we breathe. It pollutes our mental atmosphere, like a toxic fog that is never dispelled.

We may think we are not greatly affected by this atmosphere of lies, but that assessment may not take into account the fact that we unconsciously absorb environmental influences. Not to be unduly graphic, but for the sake of clarity, we can imagine that we live adjacent to a pig farm. One coming into the proximity of the farm notices immediately the dramatic change in the odor of the air. But we who are accustomed to it no longer notice it. To what extent are most people no longer capable of noticing the extent to which they are being constantly manipulated by government-orchestrated media coverage of supposed “news”, which purports to be “objective”?

The first link to which this e-letter refers the reader is a posting on The Fatima Center web page, “The World Is on the Brink of a Nuclear War”. The information presented is this posting can dispel the fog of lies in which the Western world is wrapped. This is why you are being referred to it a second time and why you are being urged to read it — or read it again.

It has been said that truth is the first casualty of war. The corpse of the truth now lies buried under the endless stream of Western media reports about Ukraine and Russia. As the crisis grows bloodier and the stakes climb higher, the Western media continue to beat the war drums, falsely vilifying Russia and providing a pretext for destroying that nation economically and militarily. What we are witnessing is an attempt to vanquish what is seen as the last foe of the complete domination of the world by the United States and its allies — or puppets.

If the public — that means you and me — become aware that we are being lied to; if we let the media and our elected officials know we reject such lies, we may be able to spare ourselves and the world much suffering. Wars seldom proceed when the people do not support them. No one wants to die for a lie.

So you are implored to read “The World Is on the Brink of a Nuclear War”. When you do, you will recognize the unprecedented perils we face and what we must do to avert unthinkable disasters. We must reject the lies and embrace the truth. And the truth is that only Our Lady can help us now, and Her help is immediately available if only the Pope and the bishops do as She commanded.

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We must work and pray ever more fervently that the Holy Father and the bishops will heed the requests of Our Lady of Fatima. (See: Petition to Our Holy FatherThe Consecration of Russia and Petition to Our Holy Father — The Release of the full Third Secret.)

Read the Open Letter to Pope Francis (“Holy Father, The World Needs Your Intervention! Consecrate Russia as Our Lady Requested”), in light of Russia and the U.S., both armed with nuclear weapons, engaging in a growing conflict over events in Ukraine.

Please Join Us! Petition the Holy Father

We must also keep informed. Read the recent “Fatima Perspectives” articles listed below.

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