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Our Lady's Electronic Newsletter: December 2011

Fatima Now Big News in Rome

The Tiburtina Station is the major transportation hub in Rome, hosting high speed rail service to Milan and Naples, traditional train service to all other destinations in the city and the nation, a major international bus terminal and a Metro subway line. An estimated 300,000 people pass through the terminal each day.

And what these 300,000 people could see rising above the Tiburtina Station was a giant billboard of Our Lady of Fatima and the words: “Only the Pope can save Italy with a special 5-minute prayer.” (See: “Il cartellone: 'Il Papa salva italia con una preghiera di 5 minuti'”.)

The billboard gives the telephone number of the Rome Office of Our Lady's Apostolate — known as the Association of Our Lady of Fatima — and it announces “The TV of Truth is born on Channel 213.”

This is the channel of Fatima TV in Rome, where we have been broadcasting programs about the Message of Fatima and traditional Catholic spirituality and devotions 7 days a week.

How many people have seen our billboard and tuned into our TV station? MILLIONS?

How many more will see it and learn about the only solution for the manifest ills that threaten our world? That depends on how much support the Fatima Center continues to receive. It is really up to you, our cooperators and donors in this great cause.

But along with obtaining this prestigious position for our billboard at the Tiburtina Station, there is more good news. Even better news!

The web site of La Repubblica has posted a picture of our billboard! (See a few of the photos of our billboard published on the La Repubblica website at the end of this article.) Not only that, it has included several more pictures taken from our web site that advertise our books, The Secret Still Hidden and The Devil's Final Battle.

La Repubblica is the ascending star in the media firmament of Italy, now challenging the nation's top print newspaper, Corriere della Sera, for supremacy. But La Repubblica's web site is the undisputed leader in online news in Italy. It is viewed by 10.6 million people each day.

More than 10 million people have seen our billboard on La Repubblica's web site. More than 10 million people have read our advertisements for our books. More than 10 million people now know of our TV broadcasts.

This is huge. It is what we have always hoped to achieve in Rome: to make Rome — all of Italy — Fatima-conscious. The Vatican cannot ignore the growing public awareness that Our Lady has given the Church the chance to bring about world peace and an end to our many problems.

      This awareness will create a groundswell of support that we believe will inevitably lead to the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope and the bishops.

The explosion of publicity about Fatima coincides with other important events that show the hand of Providence and that cannot fail to impress the people of Rome and throughout Italy.

It comes at a time of great national distress, when Italy's debt problems not only threaten the nation's political and economic stability but have spilled over to impact world markets. There is a growing sense that Italy needs something more than the usual rhetoric and failed solutions to its mounting problems.

People are ready to look to Heaven for help, and Our Lady's Apostolate is there to let them know such help is available.

Meanwhile, the Vatican continues to follow a policy of worldly wisdom, as evidenced in the Pope's convening a meeting of world religions in Assisi to commemorate the syncretist celebration presided over by the late Pope John Paul II in 1986. (See: “Assisi III: Pagan Gods Invoked in Catholic Basilica”.)

And despite the ample evidence that belies the false claim that Russia was consecrated in a ceremony in 1984 (see “The Party of Swindlers and Thieves”), in which Russia was not even mentioned and in which the bishops did not participate, there are those in high places in the Church who turn a blind eye to what is happening.

Our Lady's Apostolate continues to chronicle the startling developments inside Russia (see: The Fatima Center continues to be the sole beacon of truth proclaiming the full Fatima Message. Now, that message cannot be ignored. It broadcasts nonstop on Channel 213. It pours out of our books and pamphlets and newsletters.

The Fatima Message has become news. No Church bureaucrat can silence it. And the Vatican will, sooner or later, have to respond. Hopefully, that response will be the long-awaited consecration of Russia and the blessings that it will bring to our world.

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We must work and pray ever more fervently that the Holy Father and the bishops will heed the requests of Our Lady of Fatima. (See: Petition to Our Holy Father — The Consecration of Russia and Petition to Our Holy Father — The Release of the full Third Secret.)

The Society of St. Pius X Has Problems
With Doctrinal Preamble

In the month following the commemoration of the 1986 debacle in Assisi, the Society of St Pius X announced its reservations concerning the Doctrinal Preamble it was asked to sign and return to the Holy See as a prelude to determining a canonical status for the SSPX. (See: SSPX seeks amendments to Doctrinal Preamble, Bishop Fellay discloses.)

On Nov. 28, the head of the SSPX, Bishop Bernard Fellay, said that he would communicate to the Vatican the Society's concerns with certain aspects of the Preamble, whose exact contents have yet to be made public. Bishop Fellay foresees continuing negotiations with the Vatican. (See: “New Interview with Bishop Fellay on Doctrinal Preamble”.)

The Doctrinal Preamble has been the subject of commentary by the Fatima Center. (See: “SSPX Asked to Sign 'Doctrinal Preamble'”.) No deadline has been set for the SSPX to respond to the Preamble, nor have any consequences been specified in the event the SSPX should reject the document. Negotiations are likely to continue at the glacial speed usual in this matter.

Whatever the specific objections of the SSPX may be to the Preamble, the crux of the differences between the current hierarchy and the Society is that of fundamental orientation.

The Vatican wants a place at the tables of power in the modern world. It can only have a place if it agrees to mute its mission and message and restrict itself to politically correct humanitarian rhetoric.

The SSPX insists the Church has a duty to proclaim its spiritual mission in the face of all opposition, no matter what the cost. If such proclamation forfeits the Church's place at the tables of power, so be it. The Church serves a higher — indeed, the highest — power.

The question the Vatican faces is not just how to make peace with the SSPX, but how to reconcile its spiritual mission and history with its present worldly ambitions. It cannot be done.

There is a way out for the Vatican, and the world. Its prescription appears on a billboard above the Tiburtina Station in Rome. All anyone has to do is raise his eyes toward Heaven. (See: “Il cartellone: 'Il Papa salva italia con una preghiera di 5 minuti'”.)

Latest Fatima Perspectives

The Party of Swindlers and Thieves — Aleksei Navalny, a Russian lawyer and blogger who has galvanized public opposition to the neo-Stalinist Putin regime, sits in a Moscow jail cell on a charge of “resisting the police” for which he was sentenced to 15 days. That's just long enough to insure that he will not be appearing at the anti-government demonstration scheduled for December 10, 2011. Navalny has fixed upon the Putin regime a single phrase — “Party of Swindlers and Thieves” — that summarizes rising public sentiment concerning the state of Russia under Putin and his billionaire cronies in Moscow, which has more billionaires than any city in the world, including New York.

Boos for Putin; Blues for Russia — The Independent of London reported on November 22 that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin was “shocked” to be greeted by “boos and whistles” at Moscow's Olympic Stadium when he entered the ring to congratulate the winner of a martial arts contest. Putin was cultivating his Macho Man image by appearing at the event. The Kremlin, however, made sure that the televised audio feed was replaced by more favorable crowd noises — just like the good old days, when the Communist Party deleted unacceptable images from history books and newspapers.

The New Oxford Review Does Fatima — BadlyThe New Oxford Review (NOR) still bills itself as a “cheeky” journal of fearlessly forthright opinion on the state of the Church today. But since the unfortunate passing of the editorship of Dale Vree, who turned the reins over to his son for medical reasons several years ago, NOR has abandoned its all-but-traditionalist editorial stance and now exhibits the boring blandness of other “conservative” Catholic publications. NOR has been safely repositioned in the domain of post-conciliar correctness (PCC).

Assisi III: Pagan Gods Invoked in Catholic Basilica — A pan-religious prayer meeting for peace was held at Assisi on October 27, 2011. Members of various world religions had been invited by Pope Benedict to attend the gathering, which marked the 25th anniversary of Pope John Paul II's first Assisi meeting in 1986. There are Catholics throughout the world greatly disturbed by these pan-religious gatherings.


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