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December 2008

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Believe it! Cardinal Says it's GOOD to be an Orthodox Catholic

Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, formerly Archbishop of Bologna, has become a prolific author since his retirement in 2003. His writings bring encouragement and enlightenment to traditional Catholics, for -- believe it or not -- he has come out strongly against heresy and in favor of the traditional Catholic Faith.

In his latest book, Pecore e Pastori [Sheep and Shepherds] he dares to say what Father Nicholas Gruner and other Catholic scholars have said for many years: we must hold fast to the faith of our fathers, and test all the new ideas of the post-Vatican II Church against the things the Church has always taught.

Cardinal Biffi firmly rejects notions of "dialogue", false ecumenism and other modernist heresies, even though these ideas, which are not truly Catholic, have become the norm in the "mainstream church". He writes "Today, it is no longer heresy, but correct doctrine that makes news."

Putting it another way, the Cardinal knows that heresy is in fashion. But for him, this is one of the best reasons for standing up for orthodoxy. "In some areas of the Catholic world, people even come to the point of thinking that divine Revelation must adapt itself to the current mentality in order to be credible, instead of the current mentality converting in the light that comes to us from on high."

Adapting the traditional beliefs of the Church to current thought, he argues, can even result in casting doubt on the divinity of Jesus, Who is reduced to an ordinary man. This is, of course, the Arian heresy condemned by the Council of Nicea in 325. Cardinal Biffi says, "In this regard, it could be said that the Council of Nicea is much more relevant today than Vatican II."

Many reviewers, not to mention bishops and priests who should know better, have sneered at Cardinal Biffi for "going against the tide". "Get with it!" they cry. "Go along with everyone else." But "going along to get along" is exactly what we must never do. As Father Gruner has preached for more than three decades, we must hold fast -- now more than ever -- to the traditional Catholic Faith, as taught to us not just by Our Lord Jesus Christ through the Apostles, but by His Blessed Mother at Fatima.

Cardinal Biffi stands against the "spirit of Assisi". Read our report on the pagan invasion of the Church.

Sheer Dimentia! Vatican thanks Muslims for returning God to Europe. Statement by Magdi Allam, convert from Islam.

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Be sure to read A Catechism of Modernism, by Father J.B. Lemius, O.M.I. A crucial book for the defense of the Faith. Only $7.95!

Have We Just Elected the Antichrist? Cardinal Biffi's Dire Warning!

Another recent book by Cardinal Biffi (see story above) has readers comparing a description of the Antichrist with the profile of President-Elect Obama! In Pinocchio, Peppone, l'Anticristo e altre divagazioni [Pinocchio, Peppone, the Antichrist, and other Meanderings] he discusses a book written in 1900 by Russian theologian and philosopher Vladimir Sergeyevich Soloviev, called The Three Dialogues and the Story of the Antichrist.

In Soloviev's story, the Antichrist is elected president of the United States of Europe, proclaimed emperor in Rome, takes possession of the entire world, and finally imposes his command even over the life and organization of the Church. Some commentators see a parallel with the election of Barak Obama, who has become the darling of the liberal humanists, particularly in Europe.

But Cardinal Biffi wants us to pay attention to Soloviev's description of the personal characteristics of the Antichrist. In this character, the Cardinal sees "the emblem of the confused and ambiguous religious identity of the times we are living in now."

He also sees the singling out and criticism of "principled Christianity," an emphasis on "openness," obsession with "dialogue" at all costs, "in which there seems to remain little of the unique and incomparable person of the Son of God who was crucified for us, rose from the dead, and is now alive. It is the situation that Fr. Divo Barsotti denounced in an extraordinary yet true statement, when he said that in the Catholic world of our time, Jesus Christ is too often simply an excuse to talk about something else."

Cardinal Martini says "God is not Catholic"!

Cardinal Biffi makes no specific mention of Obama. His quarrel is with modernist priests and bishops like Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, whose recent book Conversazione notturne a Gerrusaleme sul rischio della fede argues that it is risky to have faith, and calls for distrust of doctrinal definitions, that is, the dogmas of Holy Mother Church.

Professor Pietro De Marco declares that this kind of "thinking" brings the risk of emptying the articles of the Creed. Professor De Marco explains and writes in Chiesa, "Martini says: 'Men are drawing away from the...Ten Commandments and are creating their own religion; this risk also exists for us. You cannot make God Catholic. God is beyond the limitations and definitions that we establish. We need these in our lives, that's obvious, but we must not confuse them with God.' This (statement of Martini) concerns me because it is very dangerous."

"Very dangerous" is a gross understatement! May God save us and His Blessed Mother protect Her Church from those Cardinals and bishops like Martini who seek to destroy her from within!

Based on reports in Chiesa

"Cardinal Biffi: Christian Teachings Do Not Change With the Times", from Catholic Family News/CNA.

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