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December 2008

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Obama Presidency "Apocalyptic...a cultural earthquake": Cardinal

"For the next few years, Gethsemane will not be marginal. We will know that garden." So said James Francis Cardinal Stafford, former president of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, earlier this month. The prelate, speaking at the Catholic University of America compared America's future under the rule of President-elect Obama to Jesus' agony in the garden.

"On November 4, 2008, America suffered a cultural earthquake," Cardinal Stafford went on, warning that the Obama administration will sorely test Christians. His administration will be "aggressive, disruptive and apocalyptic", he said, and reminded his audience that Obama campaigned on an "extremist anti-life platform".

The Cardinal focused on the 1968 papal encyclical Humanae Vitae. In the 40 years since its publication, he said, "the United States has been thrown upon ruins." Comparing the tumultuous year of the encyclical's release with this year's Obama victory, he said: "If 1968 was the year of America's suicide attempt, 2008 is the year of America's exhaustion."

The election of Obama may indeed be seen as a victory for the devil in his final battle to rule our bodies and souls. That he was supported by millions of American Catholics against the warnings of many Catholic commentators and a few -- only a few -- Catholic bishops and priests is a sign of the weakness of the Catholic Church in America and the failure of Catholics to heed the clear warnings of Fatima. When will we listen to Our Lady?!

For more on how President Obama got elected and what lies ahead, be sure to read:

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Poll Confirms Hollywood Out of Step with American Morals

Reuters reported earlier this month that a majority of Americans say Hollywood doesn't share their moral values. 61% of those surveyed on behalf of the Anti-Defamation League said that religious values in America are "under attack," and 59% agreed that "the people who run the TV networks and the major movie studios do not share the religious and moral values of most Americans."

Abraham Foxman, National Director of the ADL, commented, "These findings point to the challenges that we face in dealing with issues of religion in society. The belief that religion is under attack underlies the drive to incorporate more religion into American public life. Disturbingly, 43% of Americans believe there is an organized campaign by Hollywood and the national media to weaken the influence of religious values in this country."

One of the survey's most significant findings is that almost 40% support the notion that "dangerous ideas should be banned from public school libraries," and nearly the same number disagree with the statement that "censoring books is an old-fashioned idea."

Censoring movies and TV shows? Banning books? It seems to us at the Fatima Center that it's high time something was done to stanch the tide of profanity, blasphemy and filth that is washing over America and the world, perverting our sense of what is right and good, and corrupting our youth. How many parishes today have a Holy Name Society? Where is the Legion of Decency when it's needed so much? Pray with us -- and especially, join in the Five First Saturdays devotion -- to make reparation to the Blessed Virgin Mary for these grievous sins against Her and Her Son.

"Our Lady's Magnificent Promise": All About the Five First Saturdays,

"Why Hollywood Hates Christianity", by Don Feder,

"Humility: A Key to Saving Our Souls", by Father Nicholas Gruner,

Click here for Spanish and here for Italian translations,

Not all movies are scandalous or sinful. Here's a great movie that every Catholic should see: The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima, available from The Fatima Shoppe.

Benedict XVI's Latest Encyclical Released:
No Mention of Heaven's Peace Plan

Earlier this year, the Vatican released, with a strange minimum of fanfare, Love in Truth (Caritas in Veritate), Pope Benedict XVI's latest encyclical. According to the publisher, Ignatius Press, Benedict's third encyclical applies the themes of his first two encyclicals -- love and hope -- to the world's major social issues. The Holy Father speaks to Catholics and non-Catholics alike, they say, using "the natural as well as...the teachings of the Gospel" to challenge us all to recognize and confront the social evils of our day. According to the Holy Father, the social issues that confront the human race today include assaults on the dignity of the human person such as the attack on human life, poverty, issues of war and peace, terrorism, globalization, and environmental concerns -- in other words, all the problems of the world today.

But what is the Pope's solution to these things? Does he accept that the answer to the world's problems lies in the greatest revelation of the 20th Century, the Message of Fatima? Apparently not. At Fatima the Blessed Virgin promised us a period of peace -- an end to war and terrorism, and a period of calm and prosperity for the world -- if only the Pope in union with the bishops will solemnly and publicly consecrate Russia, by name, to Her Immaculate Heart. Yet Heaven's Peace Plan rates nary a mention in the new encyclical. Let us pray for the Holy Father, that he will recognize the truth of Fatima and heed Our Lady's requests now, before it is too late!

"Heaven's Peace Plan" is explained in one brief article in the “Fatima Essentials" section of our website. 

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The Fatima Center takes Our Lady's Message to Rome. Click here to read all about our Target: Rome campaign.

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